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Have a date tonight! We're staying in for dinner and a movie.  I'm maybe going overboard with dinner a bit (by the Maybe's standards), but at the same time, not really.  Had baby potatoes, onions and mushrooms that had to be used up, so I picked up a pork tenderloin to go with it.  I'm not a big meat cooker, so I picked up a marinate to fix it up (it's marinating in the fridge right now).  Am going to bake the potatoes, onions and mushies together with some parsley and oil, and am making a caramelized onion and apple (had an apple that was going soft) mixture to plop on top.  Here's to hoping it all works out!

And if not, well, he already know's I'm not the best cook in the world.  This will only confirm that (or blow it out of the water)!  Heh.
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My thumb is burning. MY THUMB IS BURNING OMG. And so are my calves, but for entirely different reasons.

First, the thumb.

So I made this stirfry tonight, one that I've made before. And I was careful after chopping the jalapeno pepper; I washed my hands 3 times right afterward to make sure I got all of the juices.  But obviously that didn't work, because right after touching my lips and scratching my nose, THEY STARTED TO BURN OMG.  And now, hours and many handwashings later, my thumb is burning like trees flooded by lava and omg omg IT HURTS!  :(

Second, my calves.

This is from earlier in the day and entirely the Yukon Maybe's fault.  He took me for a "walk" to try to find a cave. ON A MOUNTAIN.  Oh my goodness, I'm utterly pathetic. I'm so badly out of shape, and my many breaks and huffing and puffing was embarassing, especially next to him and his utter lack of out of breathness.  But it was fun, and while it's hard now, it'll get easier.  I hope.  :D  But for now, my calves are burning, and I suspect that my thighs will also hurt once I'm less distracted by my calves (and thumb). 



Feb. 16th, 2012 10:53 pm
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One of my co-workers is selfishly leaving next week to have a baby and abandoning me to take over her position (or as much of it as I can do with very little training).  Since my boss is a woman who has two young sprogs herself, we're of course taking a couple hours out of the day to throw a baby shower. 

Despite how that sounds, I really don't mind.  But between 4 different coworkers about to have babies, my boss just getting back from mat leave herself, and one coworker getting married on Saturday, I'm getting tired of talking about marriage and babies.  Luckily I'm not the only one, though, as most of the field techs are as enthusiastic as I am about the entire conversation.

Anyways, we're all bringing stuff to nom on during the party, and I volunteered to bring sandwiches.  Everyone is doing chili and meatballs and salads and a bunch of stuff that requires bowls and forks, and I figured finger sammaches to be the best option.  Did 3 different types: ham salad, egg salad and tuna salad.

Uh, I think I made too much.  Two in white and two in rye for each type for a grand total of 12 sammaches, cut into fours.  I think there's maybe 12 people in the office right now, and a tonne of food. 

Oh well, sammaches are good and leftover sammaches are even better!  Even with baby conversations.
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Mmm...fried eggs, hashbrowns, and maple sausages for supper.  It's been a long time since I've had a breakfast supper, and now I remember why it's my favourite type of meal!  :D
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I think it's a tuna casserole kind of day, don't you think?

*goes off to cook*
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Am about to make some Cornflake Crunchie goodness (which is basically cornflakes and peanuts stuck together with brown sugar, corn syrup, peanut butter and vanilla and then chilled), and then I'm off to work.  No, I'm not mixing up the days.  I told my coworker I'd come in this weekend if she needed me and help her with a huge report she has to have done by Tuesday.  Because I'm nice like that. 


At least we'll have some tasty treats to munch on!

Oh! Look what I finished up last night!  Nighties!  It was cozy to sleep in, too, so I call that  a success.

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Please tell me it's a long weekend and I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  Please? 

*le sigh*

This weekend was way too short.  Probably because I was so drained from last week.  Oh well, it was good anyways.  Got some major organization done on Saturday, along with my laundry. 

Also cooked a tuna casserole, which I was terrified of because it's one of those things that sound disgusting and have the rep of being disgusting, but turned out really good.  And it was quick and easy to make, so bonus.  I'll definitely be added to my regular meal plans.  The best part was the cilantro that I added in lieu of dried oregano.  Seriously, cilantro is my all time favourite herb and I will be putting it in everything I possibly can.  Casseroles, stir frys, salads, ice cream, cake, EVERYTHING.  Mmm...cilantro.

Today I've been just cleaning and tidying.  Best part was my Grandma coming to visit.  Wish the living room had been more tidy when she had, but I know she didn't care.  It was a nice visit, and I'm looking forward to having more people over.

Also, she brought me a plastic tote full of random stuff.  Paper towels, spaghetti spices, scrap paper, canned soup, some fabric I'd left behind, lasagna noodles, and an aloe vera plant.  Random, but useful.  Mostly, anyways.

I've named to plant Lowell, by the way, from a character in a story by [personal profile] maderr .  The character's combination of sweet and strong seems perfect for my new plant buddy!

Okay, I'm off to the store to pick up the ingredients to make cranberry scones tonight, and I think I'll skip cleaning the rest of the living room to get some sewing done.  Wanna do something a bit more fun before the weekend ends!

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Making whatever I want for dinner, up to and including veggies fried in a bit of oil and ginger paste, tossed with udon noodles.  AND NO MEAT.

My family have no idea what they're missing.
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Coming home (well, to my temporary and very comfortable home - thanks Carl!) this afternoon, I knew that while I didn't want to cook anything, I really wanted something 'home-cooked'.  So of course I stopped off at this little convenience/grocer store in the middle of the student ghetto that carries a variety of vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/soy-filled/ethnic/local stuff not normally found at regular groceries.  Because in addition to all that (over-priced) product, they also carry The Village Kitchen line of prepared meals.

The store caters to students who have too much of Daddy's money in their pockets, so can afford to stock the better quality stuff.  And these prepared meals are really good.  It's all good ingredients, prepared well, and frozen, so all you need to do is warm it up and it's done.

I picked up some split-pea w/ham soup, and boy is it ever good!  Usually with these sort of meals, there's either not enough or way too much salt, but this is absolutely perfect, with just the right amount of salt and spices, and big chunks of pork.

It's maybe a little on the expensive side (I paid about $7 for 2 servings), but not that bad for good quality and tasty food.  Definitely worth trying some of their other products.  It's a shame I'm moving back to Manitoba soon!  :(

Poor Carl.  I was going to leave him some, but I may wind up eating it all myself!

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As I mentioned in a previously, I'm staying at a friend of mine's place, and today is the first day I've really had to just relax and work.  I'm still plugging away at my edits, and part of the reason it's taking me so bloody long is that I can't handle working on them over a long period straight.  I get really annoyed with some of the stupidly nitpicky edits, and then I need to walk away (or click to the internet).

Today I've basically alternated between editing and cleaning.  My friend, goodness help him, is a confirmed bachelor, and not the tidiest person in the world!  But that's okay because he's a great guy, and I'm glad to clean up for him as a thank you for letting me stay here.  I like cleaning when there's a noticeable difference when you're done!

After finding the kitchen, I've also started cooking, which is always fun.  Mmm...perogies...

This inane babble is brought to you by myLakeport Honey beer, waiting for the bacon to fry, and procrastination from editing!

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I don't know why I ever settle for easy meals when I'm stressed out.  Last night I made an awesome meal of breaded fried fish, green beans, and rice (with just a touch of salt and pepper), and while yes, it's a little plain, I like plain food.  The flavour of the fish and the light seasoning was perfectly highlighted without being overwhelmed, and my all time favourite food is rice.

I practically lived on it at my Grandma and Uncles place in March and April.

And while it took a while to cook, it was a lovely break from thesising, and I had an instant and good meal ready to go tonight for dinner.  I guess I forgot how nice it is to cook for yourself.

Of course, the dishes afterward sucks.  :D

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Making vegan stir fry.  Have been making vegan stir fry for over 2 hours.  Tasty, but fricken time consuming.  But it'll last my next few meals, and since it's entirely veggies, jalapeno peppers/ginger/garlic making the 'sauce', and rice, it's much healthier than what I've been eating lately.  :D

It's pretty easy, actually. 

Veggie and Tofu Stir Fry

1 jalapeno pepper (or 2, if you like it hot!)
2 cloves of garlic
1 small nob of ginger
Whatever veggies you want (i.e. mushrooms, peppers, carrots, onions, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, etc.)
Fresh cilantro
Firm Tofu

Chop up the jalapeno pepper, garlic, and ginger (referred to as 'spicy mixture') very fine and start it cooking in a pan set at low heat.  I usually add some water to help prevent it from drying out. 
Chop up all veggies into bite-sized pieces.  Once spicy mixture is softened, add onions to soften a bit.  Then add rest of veggies.  Increase heat to medium and let them cook until softened.  Add a small amount of water (~1/8 - 1/4 cup) to help. 
Wash cilantro and chop.  Once veggies softened, add cilantro and mix well.  Reduce and cook for about 5-10 minutes until cilantro cooked.

Add to rice (or noodles), and enjoy!

Older picture from the last time I cooked this.  :)
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I'm sorry to those on my flist who are tired of me bitching about my thesis.  I can only promise that there is much more of it to come.  :P

Alright, word count.  I haven't officially typed anything up, but I got about 6 pages of long hand written out.  This might sound impressive, but I write long hand using a marker and double spaced on loose leaf paper (I can write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts that way), so this actually comes to only about 450-500 words in reality.  BUT, I also did my usual shortening of sentences when I jot thoughts down in a long-hand rough draft, so typed out it should actually reach my daily word count.  I'll do an official count tomorrow after I finish writing out this section and officially type it up.

Keep count may wind up being harder than I expected considering my writing process.  (Yes, I kill forests.)  HOWEVER, I don't know if I would've actually written anything if I hadn't committed myself to NaNoWriMo and actually told people both on- and off-line that I was doing it.  :D

I will admit, tackling this is scary as hell, and I think the uncertainty of where to start this beast of a thesis is what's held me back for so long.  I realized today that it doesn't really matter where I start, as long as I do something, anything

I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can...

In other news, these scones are the best things ever, especially if you swap the raisins for cranberries!  Mmmm...
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In a bid to use up some of the (absolutely amazing veggie and tofu) stir fry my roomie made up for dinner the other night, I decided to try it out with some chow mien noodles, rather than rice. Despite tossing it into the pan with the stir fry after it was cooked, I still wound up with the veggie dish on the side and, well, this:

What kind of knot would you call this? )
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T-Minus 3 hours before Turkey Dinner, 1.5 hours before my first guest arrives, and I am BUSY! 

Appropriate icon is appropriate, yo.  Well, except for the bank part...

OMG, I can't wait to tell you guys all about my UNRULY TURKEY.  Last nights mishap is only the tip of the 'berg.  For now?  BACK TO WORK!


Oct. 11th, 2010 12:01 am
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I'm hosting this Thanksgivings Day dinner tomorrow evening, and sort of stressing out about cooking the turkey.  A bunch of people suggested I brine the turkey before baking it, so I read through 10 million websites about it, come up with a recipe and a plan, and despite not having a big pot to put the turkey plus brine in, I figured I'd improvise.

By using an oven bag.  You know, the kind used to actually cook the turkey in? 
Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. )

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So uh, I'm hosting a Thanksgivings Day dinner at my place on Monday. I even have a 12 lbs turkey sitting in my freezer. Now I just need to figure out what the heck to do with it...

This should be an interesting holiday.

*prays for no food poisoning*
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That soup I made the other day? Soooo good! And whoa man was there ever a lot of it. I had about 3 bowls of it the night I made it, a bowl yesterday, I'm heating up 1 or 2 bowls of it right now, and I still had enough left over to freeze a 650 g yoghurt container and a 500 g margarine container full!

Crock Pot + 1 hour of prep + 6 hours of hands-off cooking = MANY MANY TASTY MEALS

I've got to make soup more often.

In other news, I'm leaving for Vermont tomorrow for a 3 day field trip lead by my supervisor. Should be good times, and the trees will probably look amazing this time of the year!
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Oh my goodness, I've just discovered the best cookie recipe ever! 

Well, if you like chewy raisin-y spice cookies, that is.  Which I do so oh gosh yum.  And they're not the typical raisin cookies with hard chewy gross raisins in it, either.  Since you need to boil the raisins before adding them to the mixture, they are really moist and tasty.  The cookie itself isn't that sweet, although the raisins do make them much more so.

Seriously, I've already nommed 2 of them (and they're not small cookies), and I'm trying to keep from eating more.  Mmmm.

I did halve the recipe since I really don't need 6 dozen cookies (or 3 dozen at the size I'm making them), but also added a bit more allspice and cinnamon.  I can't describe how good my place smells right now.  I may have to make up another batch of these for the Geo Grad student coffee time I run each Wednesday. 
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I hate cooking chicken.

I don't mind the taste or texture of chicken, and it's a very versatile ingredient.  But I hate cooking it.  Cutting it up is disgusting.  Plus I have this paranoia that I'll undercook it and make myself sick, so as a result I cook the snot out of it, and then it's dry and tasteless.  Blegh!

Today though, I figured I'd make myself one of those fake Indian dishes from a curry-outta-jar-and-add-your-own-stuff-to-it.  I picked up chicken yesterday and I knew I had broccoli in the fridge, and I was craving something to go with rice.  Golden.

My aversion to cooking chicken is not helped when the "fresh" chicken I picked up the previous day smells bad.  And I don't know if "Butter Chicken" would be quite the same without the chicken.  *le sigh*

$10 says I'll be vegetarian within the next two or three years.


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