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Procratinating.  Don't wanna pack or deal with anything today.  :(

Anyways, I saw Venus against the sun yesterday!  I met my brother at the Forks and we drank beer on a patio and stared at the sun through geeky cardboard glasses.  After staring a while I could pick out Venus (it was the only stop that stayed constant), but my Bro couldn't see it at all.  He accused my best friend (she sent me the glasses) and I of lying, but then he went off telling me all the facts about Venus that he'd picked up from listening to the radio all day.  :D  I'LL TURN HIM INTO A GEEK YET!

Okay, back to it.
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Okay, quick post is quick. Am going to go watch the Venus transit tonight with my brother (who must plan to miss me because he's coming with me to be a science geek O.o), but before then I HAVE TO GET STUFF DONE OMG.  So to do list of doom:
  • Sort and purge 3 baskets of random paperwork 
  • Sort, purge and pack sewing patterns
  • Organize sewing desk and put away/pack all that crap omg Heather just DO IT
  • Deal with DVD's and other crap on the entertainment shelf.
  • Drink copious amounts of tea
Okay, putting on an old motivational movie, making some tea, and starting from the top.

ETA: 6 pm and I got the first item done. Which is fine with me because it involved a large stack of papers and an entire box of pictures.  DID NOT sort the pictures, but did tidy it up so that it actually fit in a shoebox, along with old letters and cards.  :D  I'm pleased enough.  NOW IT'S BEER AND VENUS TIME!

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I'm geeking out all over twitter about the solar eclipse!

I went outside to see, but I don't have proper glasses.  But when filtered through the trees, I could see the moon blocking the lower part of the sun.  

I think.

Geez, the sun sure seems brighter!  Anyways, after there were too many sun spots in my eyes to see what I was typing into my phone, I came inside, and am now parked in front of my laptop with a cuppa coffee, watching a live feed of the eclipse somewhere in the southern states.  Although the feed has gone quiet... oh no!
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My first week of unemployment has been really really busy!  Too much so, actually, because I'm behind in applying for jobs.  I'm planning on spending a bit of time this afternoon finishing up one cover letter, and hopefully write the second one tomorrow.

For now though, I'm cleaning my apartment.  I've been slowly plugging away at it, but I'm still way behind.  I wouldn't say that it's dirty (although it is dusty), but I'm a sewist who doesn't like to tidy between projects!  And I'm also a piler, which isn't helping the situation.  I have a list of jobs to do in each room, and that should help me stay focussed.  I get so bored cleaning.

But I discovered that the best thing to listen to while cleaning is Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio.  It keeps my mind busy with interesting sciency things and keeping me from getting bored.  :D


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