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Ooo fantastic day all around!

1) SUBMITTED MY FINAL THESIS DRAFT!  It's officially in the University digital library, and I've sent copies away to be bound up all nicely.  I just realized today when I saw the spiral bound copy for my supervisor: I've basically just written a bloody book!  And a brick of a book it is, let me tell you.  222 pages!!!  And I not only had to print out 3 copies of it, but also went through each copy page by page to weed out all of the random blank pages that somehow got included during printing.  So much fun, let me tell you.


3) Way to go NY for the positive marriage equity vote!  I can't imagine how the people there who have fought for this for so long are feeling right now, but congrats!  Seems like it was a worthwhile fight to me.  :)

Good stuff all around!
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It was only a few weeks ago that I originally formatted this f*cker, how could I forget how bloody long it takes.  I've been formatting since about 9:30 pm, and it's bloody 3 am now!  ARGH.  Actually, it was all formatted and ready to go about 3 hours ago, and then I realized that I'd buggered up the page numbering.  And then Word started to spaz out.


My 9 am meeting with super Super is going to suck.
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Listening to the radio broadcast of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy makes reformatting my thesis and triple-checking references and citations much more bearable. 

Or maybe it's the wine.

Heh, smug doors.  Oh Marvin, I adore you.
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Cripes, I am doing anything I can to avoid thesis edits.  I'm getting close to being done too.  If I can just focus and work for the rest of the evening, I'll be done.  DONE.

Evening forecast calls for SHINY with a slight chance of focus.

NOOOOOO!  I WILL GET THIS DONE.  Cuppa tea, some tunes, and I'm Doing This.
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Going to watch the Kingston Pride Parade this afternoon!  I've never been to Pride before. so I'm really excited!  Have So Many Edits to do still, so maybe I'll bring by laptop downtown with me and find a coffee shop after.  Ooo, maybe I can find one along Princess and find a seat to watch from.  Hmm.
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Well, this has sort of been a crap day.  Thesis edits are...not really coming.  I can't seem to make myself look at them.

But whatever.  My thesis defense party is tonight, so I'm going to go chill and enjoy it.  :)  Mediocre thank you card for super Super is mediocre, but hopefully the bottle of scotch to go with it will distract.  Seriously, someday I will hire a writer to do all of my silly little writing things.  I really suck at it. 
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Defended my thesis successfully and my committee seemed really pleased with my thesis.  'It was well written'  :D :D :D

Okay, off for food and beers!  :D
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Defending my thesis today at 1 pm.  homg.  I'd actually feel better about this if my presentation were behaving itself or if I'd had more time to practice it.  Oh well, it'll go well, I know it!

Off to practice once more, then shower and run!

omg almost done my Masters!!!

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I can't believe it's almost here!  Still working on my presentation, but I'm honestly not worried about it, despite having no idea what kind of questions I'll be asked.  As the super Super keeps telling me, I've got 98% of the work done, this is just the final 2%, and I really want to discuss my research and get my committees input on it!

Still, I'm a little nervous, but that's the result of nerves from dreading this part since before I even started the degree.  It's just, now I'm realizing it's not going to be as bad as I built it up in my head.

I hope. 

Anyone on my flist do a thesis defense/dissertation before?  How was it?  Did you dread it going in, or were you pretty chill about it?
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I keep putting off writing this post, mostly because I hate writing the important ones.  I'd much rather blather on about ..yoghurt or something like that. 

But anyways, I've submitted my thesis.  I'm sure there's lots of stuff in it that should be expanded on or taken out or re-written or corrected, but I suppose that can be said for any documents or bit of writing, and there's no sense on continually bashing my head over it or else I'd never be done.  And anyways, I'm sure my committee will tear it to shreds give me lots of useful advice and edits. 

Oh yeah that's right, I'm not really done yet.  Will be defending my thesis on June 9th.  For those who do not know what that means, it's basically an oral exam where a committee of people who have read your thesis, does a couple rounds of grilling you with questions about your work.  I've been told it lasts anywhere from 3 hours to when you break down and weep, whichever comes last.

Despite this, I refuse to look at the defense as anything but a Good Thing.  I'm the expert here (apparently), and I sort of like presenting my research and blathering on about it.  I'm better at talking about it than writing about it.  Also, I'm hoping that my committee will have suggestions on how to present some of my data, or locate where the gaps are that I know are present in my thesis.'ll be a Good Thing.

Until then, though, I'm sort of in limbo.  Not really done, but not really not done...if that makes sense.  I just wish it were June 9th already.

Although I have been enjoying some time off.  Took the weekend and basically just relaxed and did things I wanted to do (Torchwood marathon ftw!), so that's been lovely.

Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled inanity after this.

Although I will say...I can't believe I'm (almost) done!  :D

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I'm typing this with one eye closed because I'm too tired to keep them both open, but I wanted to say that I submitted my thesis this afternoon.

um..I'm ridiculously happy and excited and dead tired, so I'm going to bed.

more tomorrow.  but for now, suddenly the future is looking much brighter!
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Okay, I'm making a sticky post at the top of my journal so I can keep track of what I need to do.  This is actually part of the list from a couple days ago, hence all the crossed out things.  It encourages me to see that things have been done.  :)  This list will stay at the top until I submit next Tuesday. 



Send Lit Review to super Super. 
Write draft of Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations
Compete draft of Lit Review
Write addition (short) section in Results chapter
Write short blurb about this section in Methods
Send Lit Review to super Super
Send Lit Review to Grammar Fiend Friend
Write draft of Abstract
Reword that one section in conclusions

Break-down of Lit Review Sections:
As in Environment
     Aqueous speciation
     Sources of As and As mineralogy
     Effect of pH and Redox Conditions
     Introduction and Use of Wetlands for Remediation
     Wetland Types
     Processes Effecting As Mobility

Change hydroxide --> (oxy)hydroxide ...EVERYFRICKENWHERE
Remove XRF stuff from methods chapter
Maybe edits from Grammar Fiend Friend on Discussion.
Review and edit Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations
Send Chapter 6 to Grammar Fiend Friend
Review and Edit Lit Review
Add report from 2006 to previous work section where they identified similar trends
Track down references for using Scor + Arseno. std for sorbed phases on oxides in section

Final Edits on Conclusions/future recommendations section
Change proportions of species in XANES appendices

Figures and Tables:
Change As conc. to corrected values table 4.2
Find atomic weight of Fe, recalculate concentrations in table 4.10
Edit and finish formatting table 4.10
Add eh-pH diagram to lit review Fig 2.1

Other Sections:
Type up title page
Table of Contents
List of Figures/Tables

List of abbreviations
Reference List (remove unneeded, add additional needed)

Make sure formatting is the same in all chapters
Add PHREEQC data to appendices
ESEM appendix

Research submission process

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Done writing.  Pending edits.  Sent a draft of everything except appendices, references (still need to sort those), and a few little things at the front (acknowledgments, list of abbreviations, etc.) to the super Super.  If she's fine with it, then just a few more things to do and I'm done.

I don't really know how to feel about that right now, other than bloody exhausted.  Which just hit me like a tonne of bricks.  Been sort of babbling inanely to anyone who'd half listen today, so it's probably a good thing that nearly everyone is away/busy for Victoria Day.

Still, after 2 consecutive all-nighters, I'm sort of impressed I'm as coherent as I am.  I don't even feel ill, other than sleepy and STARVING.

One of the people who live in the house I'm taking care of gets home from Australia tonight (at midnight, and I've got to go pick him up).  I thought it was Wednesday.  So instead of going right to bed, I'm going to go make dinner, then clean up all my crap that's migrated over all three stories of this house.  :D  I don't even know how that happened, since I don't have all that much stuff here.  

Stuff breeds.  Like bunnies.


no really, I will.

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Okay, so I've been up all night, writing.  Not finished.  :(  But I did knock a few things off my list, and my lit review is closer to being done.  Except that a reference I need is in my office at the university. 

Do I:
A) go now and pick it up, then come back here to nap before getting back to it
B) go now and stay there, get all the stuff I need from the reference, then come back and nap before getting back to it
C) go to bed, then go later on when I'm not a zombie

My choice would definitely be C), except that buses here suck and they stop running after 6 pm on Sundays.  AND they're down to 1 bus per hour on my route.  Ick Kingston, your public transit sucks.

Actually, that sort of answers my question.  Because I just missed the bus...

Hmm.  Go get dressed, have a 15 minute nap, grab a bite to eat, then I think follow option B.  Because the reference I need is the literary equivalent to a cinder block, in weight, size, and interest.  Might as well get it over with there and be done with it.

I'll sleep when I'm dead.  Or finished the thesis.  And now that the light at the end of the M.Sc. Thesis Tunnel is blinding me, I actually think I know which one will happen first!  *knocks on wood*

Oh, and submission deadline was pushed back again, this time to Thursday.  Which I'm half pleased about, half annoyed at.  I just want to be done already, but I also don't want to hand in a steaming pile of dung, either.  Extra editing time is your friend!

Kay I'm off.

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Man, I'm re-thinking how to organize my chapters.  More specifically, I'm considering abolishing Chapter 6: Conclusions, and making Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusions.  I mean, all I'm doing is reiterating what I said in the discussion chapter, nearly section by section, and my conclusions are basically spelled out in the discussion.  IDK.  It's frustrating and I'm wasting time.  Maybe I'll toss something together and send it to super Super, see what she thinks.  I could always keep my previous draft of chapter 6 and fix it up if super Super doesn't like the amalgamated chapter.

Although now that I think about it, she suggested I do this ages ago.  Hmm...

Whatever, I don't have time to stress about it.  I'm doing it. 

So there.
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At about midnight last night, I was nodding off and couldn't concentrate on the chapter I was working on.  So I decided to have a nap, set the alarm for 2 am, and...woke up an hour ago.  Bugger.

Oh well, I guess I needed it.  I really had wanted to finish that chapter last night, though.  Got a cuppa coffee, had some breakfast, time to get to 'er.
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Having a hard time getting my self going on work today.  So easily distracted.  I think tomorrow I'll go somewhere else to work.  Hell, I did the dishes rather than write!

Anyways, I'm giving up on getting the lit review done until I've had a bit more sleep.  For the next 2 hours though, I'm going to work on the conclusions chapter.  Then I'm going to bed.  3.5 hours + 15 minute naps every half hour last night just didn't cut it.

*yawns*  Having caffeinated tea would probably be helping more than this herbal crap.  But the herbal crap is tasty, so oh well.  :)
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I'm about to hit the sack for a few hours, but I managed to get about 2/3rds of my lit review done.  Not too bad, I suppose.  I now have a better feel for how I'm going to tackle it.  Oops, super Super just got back to me.  I'm not to touch the already-written sections.  That's alright, there's the 1/3 that's not even touched yet.


After sending her the chapter, I did manage to do the edits from my Grammar Fiendy Friend.  I love getting drafts back from her.  She always makes such funny comments (including making fun of journal aurthors names "May the LaForce be with you") and is generally so excited about my project, that it gets me excited all over again!  This is what an editor should always do!  :D  Heck, even super Super does it, so frankly, editing is less horrible than it's been for previous work.

Anyways, I'm pooped and it's time to get some shut eye for a bit.  Night all!
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bitchbitchbitchbitchthesisbitchhomg )

Here's my planned schedule for the next few days.  Written out to keep me on task:

Finish Lit Review.  Fuck the quality.  Get it done by Thursday morning. ETA: 2/3rds done by Thursday morning - getting super Super's input, and will complete it Thursday night/Friday morning.  Also, can't fuck the quality.  Damn my perfectionist tenancies!  *le sigh*

Send Lit Review to super Super. 
Write draft of Conclusions chapter. 
Maybe edits from Grammar Fiend Friend on Discussion.
Compete draft of Lit Review

Review and edit Conclusions, send to Grammar Fiend. 
Write addition (short) section in Results chapter
Write short blurb about this section in Methods
Maybe edits from Grammar Fiend Friend on Discussion (if not done on Thursday)

Edit/rewrite Lit Review
Reference List (remove unneeded, add additional needed)

I'll add to this as needed.  Maybe this will help when I start floundering.

For now, I'm going to go treat myself to a coffee at Starbucks, then MAD WRITING FOREVER.
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Final submission deadline extended to May 24.  Thank goodness!

Trying to write, but not accomplishing much.  Despite (or perhaps because of) the best thesising nest ever.  Need to have this done by tomorrow; do I force my way through it or get to bed and try to get up early?

Hmm.  One more hour, and if I still can't concentrate, I'll go to bed.

But first, a cuppa Earl Grey is required, I think.


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