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I've managed to pick up a new hobby.  I've been putting it off for years, mostly because I so don't need another hobby.  But between a few projects friends have been making, and a gorgeous sweater on ravelry, I've gotten sucked into the world of knitting.

D keeps calling me a granny.  I keep hitting D.  Someday I will train him out of it.

I signed up for a workshop on cable knitting last week (held this past Monday), and then realized that this isn't a beginner's class, so I'd better figure out how to knit.  It was easier than I expected, but that's probably because I technically learned to knit at the same time I learned to crochet, and that was well over 23 years ago; 23 years of crocheting also probably helped with things like yarn tension and handling.  Anyways, I blogged about my first attempts here.

The workshop was really good!  I met some great people around my age who knit, and most of whom meet up weekly from Sept-May at a local pub to sit and stitch.  I'm looking forward to joining them!  And along the way, I learned how to cable stitch!  Actually, it requires less magic than I thought, although you do use a cute little wand needle to do it.

So yay, new hobby!

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I should be cleaning. 

I should start packing up stuff.

I should at least be trying to find my bedroom floor.

Instead I'm going to sit here with a glass of wine and a crafty project and listen to the thunderstorm raging outside.  ^__^
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I just received a Jane Austin birthday care package from my best friend today!  It contained:Add a crochet project, I forsee a lovely evening tonight!
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Alright, I stuck it out at work until 6, but now I'm home.  \o/  Was actually planning on leaving by 5, but got busy on something. It was good, though. I finished up some sections of my report that were hovering over me for a while, identified what I have to do on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/whenever they give me time to finish during office hours, because this requires help.

So now that the work stuff is done, I'm planning on putting on a movie and doing crafty stuff for the rest of the evening!  I'd work on the winter coat I've been blathering on about on my sewing blog, but I've already worked hard on it this weekend and I can't stand to look at it anymore. 

So crocheted pillow it is!

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Finally have my art project done, except for adding a sawtooth hanger to the back of one picture frame and then hanging the entire thing on my wall.  I'll save that for tomorrow though, when I won't be annoying everyone with the hammering.

That, and I'd like to have somewhat straight pictures!

I managed to slice open my thumb while cleaning some of the picture glass.  Should've known I'd do that.  It was gushing pretty badly for a while, but it seems fine now.  Will be a bitch tomorrow.  And silly me, with no bandaids in the house.  I should know better!
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I am the most exciting 30 year old out there.  Heh, not.

My Friday night is joyfully being spent watching episodes of Criminal Minds and Sherlock while putzing around with an art project for my livingroom wall.  I picked up a bunch of frames from thrift stores, and painted them all white last weekend.  Tonight I'm mounting fabric and lace inside of the frames. 

I just need to figure out how to arrange it all.  :)

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Okay, so [personal profile] copperbadge has been making these darling little origami critters (and some less darling and more porny creations), and completely lacking any creative outlet right now, I'M JOINING UP.

He's the Seismosaurus that Sam made a few days ago. I call him Cros, since he likes to munch on dying crocus plants. You can't really see it in the photo, but his back legs are gimpy. Poor guy is going to be picked off by a hungry T-Rex. (Hmm...maybe that'll be the next project).

I did, however, have to research how to do some of the folds. Origami Club has been a gem. :D

Okay, back to work!
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Well, I'm being a little productive today, in a completely non-school related way.  Am currently making beer bread (, and with 359 reviews and 4.5/5 stars, I'm expecting good things.  I'm using Sleeman's Honey Brown, and do-it-yourself self-rising flour ( 

I'm also working on my Mom's Christmas present, the scrabble quilt.  I'm almost finished piecing together the 3x3 squares, and it won't take much time to put these pieces together.  So long as I don't mess up the order again.  Took me 40 minutes to take apart and fix one set that I buggered up.  :P  Bah!  I'll be so happy once this part is done.  But it's starting to really look like a scrabble board, so I'm getting excited about it again!  :D

Anywho, that's all for now, folks.  I'll report back on the status of the bread.

ETA: Well, the beer bread is decent, but I find it really dense and the crust way too hard.  I think next time I'll let it rise a bit longer and bake it for a shorter time.  Actually, this would probably be really good with stew.  It has a good taste.  I'll make it again, but it's not replacing my regular bread recipe. 

Still, it was fun to make!
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So, I've recently started up sewing, using my little-bitty $20 Walmart-Special sewing machine.  It's a good little machine, but it is lacking in a few things.  Like the ability to do more than one type of stitch.  Right now I'd kill to be able to do a zig-zag stitch.

That aside, I've taken on way too many projects lately.  I'm currently doing the following:
  • Scrabble quilt as a Christmas gift for my Mom
  • Apron for my Boy (due next Tuesday OMG)
  • Shorts and tank pj set for myself (mostly done, but needs lace on the shorts and straps on the tank)
  • Final touch-ups on my hoody (probably an hour worth of hand sewing EW)
  • Denim and lace clutch bag for Christmas gift for cousin
  • Possibly about a bajillion chip-bag change purses for Christmas gifts (
  • T-shirt reconstruction that just needs the sleeves hemmed and one more piece attached.
Oh my goodness.  *facepalm*  I plan to get the apron done tonight.  Maybe.  *stress.  The quilt?  I've never made a quilt before.  What the heck am I doing?!  But it seems to be going smoothly.  For the most part.  ;)

I need a crafting icon.
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  • Oh man, totally slept in this morning.  But while I did, I had a very strange dream that read like a novel.  About time travel and steam punk inventions, and 3 interesting characters.  Despite not ever being able to get a story onto a page or screen, I really want to write this.  Not that inexperience has ever stopped me before.  I'm currently quilting a blanket (that will hopefully look like the sewn version of this:, and I've never quilted anything in my life.
  • Speaking of the quilt, it's going really well.  I'm tackling the 10 bajillion little squares by sewing them into 3x3 square pieces, and will sew these together later.  I've got about 2/5 of the squares done.  I would much rather work on this than the marking I have to do...
  • Aaaand the marking.  My poor kids had their lab and lecture mid-term this past week.  I had no idea how they did, and unfortunately I'm marking the section that they did really poorly in.  We three TA's are splitting up the rock, mineral, and photo identification sections for all 3 lab sections - I'm doing all the photo identification, and most either didn't read the questions properly or left it half blank.  Don't wanna mark today!  *pouts*

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I'm stressed. I have so much work to do and I'm really tired. Just, mentally pooped.

So, I'm taking a mental health evening. I shouldn't, but I won't get anything done this weekend if I don't. I've been working on my (2nd) duvet cover. I'm absolutely loving it! It's really just 4 different twin flat sheets sewn into 4 strips. It'll be the same on both sides.

I'd take pictures to document the process, but I left my memory card in my office, and can't find the other one. :P But there will be one when I'm finished! It's so very basic, but it's so pretty! :)

I miss crafting!


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