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Spot of light from sunlight glare off of laptop + sharp-clawed kitty + afgan = hehehehe.

I just wish I could find the laser pointer, because laser pointer + THREE KITTIES + afgan = ENTERTAINMENT FOREVER.
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Done writing.  Pending edits.  Sent a draft of everything except appendices, references (still need to sort those), and a few little things at the front (acknowledgments, list of abbreviations, etc.) to the super Super.  If she's fine with it, then just a few more things to do and I'm done.

I don't really know how to feel about that right now, other than bloody exhausted.  Which just hit me like a tonne of bricks.  Been sort of babbling inanely to anyone who'd half listen today, so it's probably a good thing that nearly everyone is away/busy for Victoria Day.

Still, after 2 consecutive all-nighters, I'm sort of impressed I'm as coherent as I am.  I don't even feel ill, other than sleepy and STARVING.

One of the people who live in the house I'm taking care of gets home from Australia tonight (at midnight, and I've got to go pick him up).  I thought it was Wednesday.  So instead of going right to bed, I'm going to go make dinner, then clean up all my crap that's migrated over all three stories of this house.  :D  I don't even know how that happened, since I don't have all that much stuff here.  

Stuff breeds.  Like bunnies.


no really, I will.

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Pulled an all nighter (with a bratty bunny who kept scampering up the stairs every time I turned my back, where he knows he's not allowed to go - so the cute but trouble-making bugger has been grounded for the last few hours), working on the Never-Ending-Results-Chapter.  It's still not done, but it's getting awfully close, and I just sent it off to the super Super to have a look over what I have.  Just need to clean up one section and write 2 other sections (one of which will be super easy and short, the other I'm not going into depth on), and this chapter is FINISHED.

Well, this draft, anyways.  :D

I am so tired and heading for a nap soon, but I'm glad about last night/this morning.  I haven't had a good writing session like that in well over a month.  Got 2.5 sections written, and they weren't short sections.  Pretty damn good considering I really only got going around midnight.

It's just a shame to go sleep, it's absolutely gorgeous outside!

Okay, good-night all!

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I'm back!  Well, I've been back for over an hour now, but that's neither here nor there.  Right now, I'm sitting cozy in the basement (which actually walks out to a deck through some patio doors), and I managed to pick up and carry Bonkers the Bunny down here.  It's more fun for him, since it's carpeted and he can really get going without fear of sliding like he does on the laminate flooring upstairs. 

And boy does he get going.  Maybe I'll try taking a video one of these days, because it's pretty funny.  He tears around the room, hopping and spinning all over the place.  The Easter Bunnies didn't move even remotely as quickly as Bonkers does.  Fuss, you gave me a false impression of bunny mobility!

What a curious bunny!  He's constantly sticking his nose everywhere, checking things out.  Even places he;s not supposed to.  Heh, he keeps popping his head up over the opposite side of the coffee table, peeking on me.  What a cutie!  How the heck am I supposed to concentrate on writing when I've got the most adorable little ball of fluff running around being cute?  I promise to post pictures of him one of these days!

Well, I suppose I should try to catch Bugs Bunny Bonkers and convince him to go to bed.  He's sort of wound up, now.  This should be fun.  :D


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