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"Rapture tomorrow!  You know what's worse than the rapture?  The Velocirapture...If Jurassic Park taught us anything they can open doors, so no one is safe."
-Quote from a Paleo-Geek friend on facebook

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talk wemnt well.  not drunk on too many martinis.  jens fault.  bed.
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Presenting in T minus 2 hours 40 minutes.  Actually feeling pretty chill about it.  Managed to get the time down from 18 minutes to 12 minutes.  \o/  It's just a shame no one in my research group is going to be there, since one of the other girls is presenting in the exact same time slot, and another one presents 15 minutes after her.  :P

Oh well.

Wish me luck!

Heh, my icon?  Totally the subject of a couple of the talks this week.  Ah Creationist, where would we be without you. :P

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Not much time for an update, just wanted to say that Denver is a beautiful city and unseasonably warm.  So nice to wear short sleeves and skirts in November!  :D  The conference is going awesomely and I'm learning so much, holy man.  Saw some amazing talks today (and some less amazing, but oh well), and am off to see some more. 

I just put the finishing touches on my presentation slides, and after one more skim through to make sure there's no stupid errors, I'll be off to submit it.  Just need to practice it so that I can knock down the time to 12-13 minutes.  NO BABBLING HEATHER!!!  Talk is tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Also, am staying on the 22nd floor (at the very top!) of our hotel.  While it makes my knees shake, it sure does have a lovely view.

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No, not the musical kind of rock.  Rock rocks!  \o/

Since I'm a Super Geochemist, I am presenting at the Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting in Denver, CO next week.  The conference runs from Oct 30 - Nov 3, but I'm going up early for a short course.  While I've presented before at conferences, they were just tiny things with only 1 session running at a time.  At this conference, they have 156 sessions running over the meeting, and each session is generally 1.5-2 hours long, filled up with presentations.  There is a lot going on here, and so many geologist in one place.  

While I'm super excited to go, I'm also terrified.  I mean, in a small conference, you get to know the people there and presenting isn't as intimidating (for me).  With so many people there, who knows who will be in the audience and what kind of questions they'll ask.  They could grill me over an open flame!  ACK!  Mostly, though, it'll be nice to present my research and maybe get other peoples perspective and insight on my project.

Only question is: what do I dress up as for Halloween?!


Oct. 19th, 2010 05:53 pm
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"The firm and everlasting hills we must learn to regard as neither firm nor everlasting. Whole mountain chains of the geological yesterday have disappeared from view, and as with the ancient cities of the East, we read their histories only in their ruins. Yet, in all this seemingly destructive process of breaking down, decomposition, and erosion, there is traceable the one underlying principle of transformation from the unstable toward that which is today more stable."
-G. P. Merrill, 1897

I found this quote in a scientific paper from 1967 just now, and while I scoffed at first that the author would add something like this above the abstract, it sure did warm my heart and ring true when I read it.  THIS is why I love geology.  Not just for the pretty minerals and pretty rocks; not for the field work and the reports and the maps and the discussions.  I love it because it's the ultimate history, and we geologists are the archeologists of the earth.  While civilizations come and go, the earth has outlived it all and is only constant in that it's constantly changing.  And I can't imagine any greater field of study than deciphering the history of our beautiful planet and learning about the processes that drive the changes that create that history.

I <3 rocks!
I <3 earth!
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So I was happily minding my own business, playing on the SEM (scanning electron microscope) at the GSC (Geological Survey of Canada) in Ottawa for research purposes, when THE ENTIRE BUILDING STARTS SHAKING AND ROCKING.  I, being from Manitoba, aka the most seismically stable place on the planet (not shitting you, it really is), sat there like a deer in the headlights going 'omg this isn't happening CRIPES THE CEILING IS CRACKING' before the other geo I was with shouted  "EARTHQUAKE!!!!111" with glee and bolted for the doorway, and I followed because that's what they do in the movies.

And then the entire GSC got evacuated out of the building, and 200 bitterly disgruntled geologists sat on the steps and watched updates on the Canadian earthquake from the USGS (United States Geological Survey).  Security had a bitch of a time getting the geophysicists to get out.

There might've been some pouting.  :D

Gem Storm!

Oct. 17th, 2009 12:26 pm
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Headed to the Gem and Mineral Show downtown!  I hope they have some pretty specimens at not too expensive cost. 

As if I need more rocks kicking around here.

ETA:  Gem show was amazing!  Bought a pair of earrings for myself (smokey quartz and orange-red garnets in a silver setting), and purchased the gems and pieces I need to make two lapel pins for my Grandma for Christmas (one will have a malachite/azurite stone, one will have a beautiful clear garnet stone).  SUCCESS!


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