Jun. 25th, 2011 08:17 am
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So much to do this morning, like finish packing up my office and get the boxes containing my crap ready to ship back to Manitoba.  But you know what?  This is the first morning in nearly 3 years that I've woken up with no thesis obligations hanging over my head! 

I don't know how I feel yet.  But it's kind of awesome!  :D
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Ooo fantastic day all around!

1) SUBMITTED MY FINAL THESIS DRAFT!  It's officially in the University digital library, and I've sent copies away to be bound up all nicely.  I just realized today when I saw the spiral bound copy for my supervisor: I've basically just written a bloody book!  And a brick of a book it is, let me tell you.  222 pages!!!  And I not only had to print out 3 copies of it, but also went through each copy page by page to weed out all of the random blank pages that somehow got included during printing.  So much fun, let me tell you.


3) Way to go NY for the positive marriage equity vote!  I can't imagine how the people there who have fought for this for so long are feeling right now, but congrats!  Seems like it was a worthwhile fight to me.  :)

Good stuff all around!
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Well, this has sort of been a crap day.  Thesis edits are...not really coming.  I can't seem to make myself look at them.

But whatever.  My thesis defense party is tonight, so I'm going to go chill and enjoy it.  :)  Mediocre thank you card for super Super is mediocre, but hopefully the bottle of scotch to go with it will distract.  Seriously, someday I will hire a writer to do all of my silly little writing things.  I really suck at it. 
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Defended my thesis successfully and my committee seemed really pleased with my thesis.  'It was well written'  :D :D :D

Okay, off for food and beers!  :D
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Defending my thesis today at 1 pm.  homg.  I'd actually feel better about this if my presentation were behaving itself or if I'd had more time to practice it.  Oh well, it'll go well, I know it!

Off to practice once more, then shower and run!

omg almost done my Masters!!!

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I can't believe it's almost here!  Still working on my presentation, but I'm honestly not worried about it, despite having no idea what kind of questions I'll be asked.  As the super Super keeps telling me, I've got 98% of the work done, this is just the final 2%, and I really want to discuss my research and get my committees input on it!

Still, I'm a little nervous, but that's the result of nerves from dreading this part since before I even started the degree.  It's just, now I'm realizing it's not going to be as bad as I built it up in my head.

I hope. 

Anyone on my flist do a thesis defense/dissertation before?  How was it?  Did you dread it going in, or were you pretty chill about it?
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I keep putting off writing this post, mostly because I hate writing the important ones.  I'd much rather blather on about ..yoghurt or something like that. 

But anyways, I've submitted my thesis.  I'm sure there's lots of stuff in it that should be expanded on or taken out or re-written or corrected, but I suppose that can be said for any documents or bit of writing, and there's no sense on continually bashing my head over it or else I'd never be done.  And anyways, I'm sure my committee will tear it to shreds give me lots of useful advice and edits. 

Oh yeah that's right, I'm not really done yet.  Will be defending my thesis on June 9th.  For those who do not know what that means, it's basically an oral exam where a committee of people who have read your thesis, does a couple rounds of grilling you with questions about your work.  I've been told it lasts anywhere from 3 hours to when you break down and weep, whichever comes last.

Despite this, I refuse to look at the defense as anything but a Good Thing.  I'm the expert here (apparently), and I sort of like presenting my research and blathering on about it.  I'm better at talking about it than writing about it.  Also, I'm hoping that my committee will have suggestions on how to present some of my data, or locate where the gaps are that I know are present in my thesis.  So...it'll be a Good Thing.

Until then, though, I'm sort of in limbo.  Not really done, but not really not done...if that makes sense.  I just wish it were June 9th already.

Although I have been enjoying some time off.  Took the weekend and basically just relaxed and did things I wanted to do (Torchwood marathon ftw!), so that's been lovely.

Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled inanity after this.

Although I will say...I can't believe I'm (almost) done!  :D

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bitchbitchbitchbitchthesisbitchhomg )

Here's my planned schedule for the next few days.  Written out to keep me on task:

Finish Lit Review.  Fuck the quality.  Get it done by Thursday morning. ETA: 2/3rds done by Thursday morning - getting super Super's input, and will complete it Thursday night/Friday morning.  Also, can't fuck the quality.  Damn my perfectionist tenancies!  *le sigh*

Send Lit Review to super Super. 
Write draft of Conclusions chapter. 
Maybe edits from Grammar Fiend Friend on Discussion.
Compete draft of Lit Review

Review and edit Conclusions, send to Grammar Fiend. 
Write addition (short) section in Results chapter
Write short blurb about this section in Methods
Maybe edits from Grammar Fiend Friend on Discussion (if not done on Thursday)

Edit/rewrite Lit Review
Reference List (remove unneeded, add additional needed)

I'll add to this as needed.  Maybe this will help when I start floundering.

For now, I'm going to go treat myself to a coffee at Starbucks, then MAD WRITING FOREVER.
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Another list of Thesisy Things To Do.  This time with chapter sections to cross out.  Just to keep me motivated.  Wooo.  (In stupid code because it makes me vaguely uncomfortable to have this stuff on a public post, even if it is (semi) anonymous.)

  • Sources of Stuff in The Place
    • The Lake
    • The Strip
    • The Dust
  • Downstream Changes of Stuff in the Water
  • Stuff Stuck in the Dirt
    • Stuff in Metal Watery Oxides
    • Stuff in Metal Sulphides
  • Oxygen-LackofOxygen Conditions in The Place
  • Stuff Cycling (ONNA BIKE!)  (Really long ride homg)
  • How all this Crap affects The Plan

ETA 2:05 am: This is the dilemma I always run into.  Do I go to bed now since I'm very tired and can't think straight anymore but the words are flowing easily, or do I go to bed and get up early, when I'll be able to think clearly, but will have problems gettin
g those thoughts onto the paper? 

I prefer to stay up and plow through it, since I really need to get this done by tomorrow (afternoon? early evening?  Please?!) and I hate cutting down my time.  But this is an important section and I need to make sure it's thought out clearly.

Okay, that answers it: to bed for me.  But first I'll jot down my thoughts for this next section.

ETA May 11 2:05 pm (haha!): Got 'stuff in metal sulphides' section done and half of 'oxygen blah blah blah' section done while chilling at Smitty's, eating breakfast and cake (not at the same time).  Now parked on the couch and will try to finish up at least this section and the 'stuff cycling' section this afternoon/evening.  I hope.  :)

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Can't blog, thesis will eat me.  Well, maybe I'll be blogging a bit on LJ and DW, but that will mostly involve ranting/weeping/raging/panicking/venting and other assorted '-ing's.

T-Minus 15 days until final draft submission, and counting...


ETA: This was supposed to be posted on LJ and DW on the on the 4th, but I fail at posting, apparently.  I've changed the date, so it should've be back to back with the next post.

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I am not entirely pleased by this.   Mostly because, crap, now I own a cell phone.

And to exemplify why exactly this is a bad thing, instead of coming home and tidying and making supper and writing my thesis, as planned, I tracked down phone numbers and proceeded to text with my best buddy for an hour and a half.  

And I don't do multitasking.


ETA: It's a Samsung Linx, if anyone is curious.  Everyone else on facebook seems to be (I don't really know why, but I hate cells, so I'm not an authority on the subject).  
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Pulled an all nighter (with a bratty bunny who kept scampering up the stairs every time I turned my back, where he knows he's not allowed to go - so the cute but trouble-making bugger has been grounded for the last few hours), working on the Never-Ending-Results-Chapter.  It's still not done, but it's getting awfully close, and I just sent it off to the super Super to have a look over what I have.  Just need to clean up one section and write 2 other sections (one of which will be super easy and short, the other I'm not going into depth on), and this chapter is FINISHED.

Well, this draft, anyways.  :D

I am so tired and heading for a nap soon, but I'm glad about last night/this morning.  I haven't had a good writing session like that in well over a month.  Got 2.5 sections written, and they weren't short sections.  Pretty damn good considering I really only got going around midnight.

It's just a shame to go sleep, it's absolutely gorgeous outside!

Okay, good-night all!

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So the Super Super laid down some pretty firm deadlines.  Sadly, one of them was for yesterday afternoon, which I didn't meet because I didn't actually see her email until about 2:30 am this morning.  Crap.

But the other one is my defense deadline.  She want's me to defend the first week of June, at the latest, which means submitting mid-May.  This is because she leaves to do field work mid-June, and then on Sabbatical in July.  It's fair enough and frankly, I want this done asap, but it's also terrifying, you know?  I'm struggling to write my lit review (although it's finally sort of coming along), I have to finish about 1/3 of my results chapter, then the entire discussion and conclusions chapter.  Plus all the final fiddly stuff, like tweaking my appendices (which are mostly done, thank frickin' God) and making sure the references are consistent and complete. 

And I've got about a month to do it.

But on the bright shiny silver lining side, that means I have about a month left of hell thesis work to do.  A very intense month, but only a month.


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+ 4 degrees C in February in Manitoba.  WTF is this shit??!  It should be -40 C NOT EFFIN' +4 ARGH.

Back in the boonies, so very little internet access from now one.  *le sigh*  Just when I was getting used to having it again.  :(

Depressing post is depressing, whoa man.  Here's a bit of joy to end it off.  I've got a sewing project to work on, and I even got the FBA (full bust adjustment) finished on it last night!  I don't know why I stopped sewing, other than thinking that I'd work on my thesis more.  It actually motivates me to work on the thesis more often (since I can tell myself I can only sew if I do a certain amount of work), and it give me the creative outlet I've been craving lately.

Alright, I'm done babbling.  Wish me luck in no-internet land!  Don't feel bad for me, though.  I have a project!  :D

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Banana-flavoured coffee and rice krispie squares are magical.  They helped me solve the statistical error for my data! 

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Relevant quote is relevant, yo.

Managed to get down to the geograds coffee time (held every Wednesday afternoon) today.  Yesterday?  Wednesday anyways.  Man does time go funny when you're on nights.  It's not tomorrow until you sleep, in my books!

ANYWAYS, it was nice to see a few folks I haven't seen in ages, and got a chance to talk to the woman whose spare bedroom I am stealing using next week.  She had assumed I was going to be around a lot longer than I am, so obviously I need to work on my communication skills some more.

I also met up with a friend for coffee this afternoon, which turned into dinner with him and another friend at the Keg.  Mmm steak.  I have missed you.  Oh, and my friends, too.  ;) 

Optimistic and productive thesis babble, plus a link to my fav motivation website )

(I think I might need a 'babble' tag, although maybe that just falls under 'master of bs'.)

ETA: It's 4 am, and half the chapter is DONE (or at least, as done as it's going to get unless I have some spare time tomorrow).  Debating on staying up a bit longer and plowing through some of the second half, or going to bed because whoa man I'm tired, and my right eyeball is trying to twitch out of it's socket.  Plus I sort of look like death, and was pretty disturbed when I saw myself in the mirror last bathroom break. 

Bed or work, bed or work, bed or work.

Hmm...think I know which is going to win this battle.
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I've had an email sitting in my university email account since yesterday afternoon, and I've been terrified to open it.  It was feedback from the Super on Chapter 1.  I finally worked up the nerve to read it, and am now nearly in tears.

It's all good feedback.  She's really happy with it, and says it only needs some minor touch-ups here and there. 

*takes a moment*

Writing is really hard for me.  It's like pulling teeth to get it out, every time, and I'm terrified of being judged for my writing skills.  I know that I can do a good job when I spend the time on it and really work hard on it, but I'm wildly self-conscious of people reading my writing.  Plus my procrastination tendencies don't often leave me with a lot of time to spend on it, although the pressure usually helps get it onto the page (which is why I appreciated using my own version of NaNoWriMo to help with this).

Still, this is good.  I know it needs a bit more work, and I'm going to see if my best buddy will read it over, just to make sure it's sensible to a non-geochemist (plus she's a grammar fiend).  But...it's one chapter down.  Many to go, but it's coming along, and my tears and smile are testament to that.  :' )
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Just sent off my Chapter 1, minus figures, to the Super.  *deflates*  I'm not happy with my project objectives section, and I think the remediation plan section could use some more work, but I honest to Pete can't look at it anymore.  But cripes is it ever nerve wracking to submit something I've written to her.  I never feel good enough.

Having worked on this all night, and then most of the afternoon, I'm done.  Brain needs airing.  Not doing any more writing tonight.

Hmm...maybe a bath and a book will help.  ^__^
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My supervisor is not amusing when she:
1) doesn't show up for a scheduled meeting,
2) leaves a sticky note on the door telling me she won't be in today, and
3) doesn't bother emailing me about it. 

I probably wouldn't mind so much if I normally work on campus, but the fact that I don't and came in just for this meeting annoys the crap out of me.  Plus I really needed to discuss the coming months with her.  Oh well, this just means she gets no say in my decision to move across the country before I'm finished my thesis. 

*stews in grumpiness*


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