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It's 11:35 pm here, and D and I are about to hop into his hot tub to ring in 2013.  I may have had a bit too much wine and Kamora, so I suspect I'm going to pass out about 3 minutes after 2012 goes out the door.  :D 

I'm kind of hoping that we'll be able to see the firewords from the hot tub.  Or maybe just Natures fire works - the northern lights!  *hopeful* 

I should probably write something of more substance, but see comment about wine and Kamora.

HAPPY 2013!  I'm off to sit in a hot tub surrounded in snow.  YES! 

(This is going to do wonders for my cold)
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Am home. Got in at about 11:30 am, picked up some beer and minutes for my phone, and then proceeded to spoil myself with a lovely bath, face mask, lotion, and a veg session on the couch.  Think that's going to be my tradition when I come home: washing away camp life and a bit of me time!

Alright, packing an overnight bag and headed to D's.  Oh, I guess I should wrap his Christmas gift first.  Or at least, half of his gift.  The other half will come when I get my first paycheque next week.  :D
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It's Christmas eve, and I'm 3000 kms away from the people I love (plus one about 300 kms away in Whitehorse).  I'm mostly alright with it, but I am feeling pretty lonely.  There's lots of activities planned for those of us stuck in camp, and I already had a fun time playing BINGO with a bunch of dirty miners.  :D  The phone call home this evening was tough, but I'm glad to have talked with everyone back home.

Not quite over the camp plague I caught 4 days into my 2 week rotation, but at least I don't feel like death anymore.  Still coughing, and now have a runny nose, but it's better every day.  Still sound like I have a frog in my throat and/or a 13 year old boy going through puberty, but I sound worse than I am!   Most of the time, anyways. 

Anywho, I'm to bed.  5 am comes along really quickly, and I should try to get to sleep before 11 pm tonight.  Oh, being a night owl with an early morning shift.  :P

Happy Christmas all!  I hope your day is filled with friends, family, and fun!  And if, like me, you're not with family this holiday, I hope you find joy in the little things.  Like BINGO filled with filthy jokes and a miner in a Santa hat!
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Still no word about the job.  They were checking my references on Friday though, so I'm choosing not to panic.  The self-doubt is starting to creep back in, but I'm beating it down with excessive knitting.

Speaking off, I am working my butt off trying to get all of my Christmas gifts done.  I have to have everything mailed out by next week if I want them to get home in time.  I'm thinking I might just have to put it off a bit longer and then pay for express shipping, but we'll see.  I've trimmed down my list to immediate family and closest friends only this year, so the work-load has lightened considerably, but I still have a ways to go.

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned it, I'm staying in the Yukon for Christmas.  This will be my first time away from family for the holidays, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle this.  Not sure how my Mom's going to either, because even my brother is stuck working and won't be home for Christmas morning.  I feel really really bad.

Hense why I'm trying to make something special for everyone.  Cross your fingers for me, that I get it all done!  Because I have two toques, a mate to the mitt I just finished today, and possibly another cowl because I can't for the life of me find the one I finished up ages ago.  :P

(Still need to find a knitting icon)

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Got some decorations up outside, the outdoor light on, and a bowl of candy stashed up on the highest shelf to keep my fingers out of it until the kids arrive!  I haven't given out candy in years, so I'm super stoked.  Of course, one of my neighbours said that not many neighbours in our complex give out candy anymore, and they only get about 10 kids a year, but what ever, I can't wait!

Of course, it'd be more fun if I didn't have soccer at 8:15 tonight.  :(  But considering the amount of parents on our team, I don't think it's fair for me to bail.  

Oh well. Time to find a Halloween special on TV and work on my sewing project while I wait for kids.  LETS DO THIS HALLOWEEN THING!
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I am in a ridiculous amount of pain.

My shoulder, omg, I can't even pretend it's okay because it's already brought me to tears this morning.  Poor M didn't know what to do with me, just rubbed my back and stayed quiet.  I'm now on advils and will be for the rest of the day, and he adviced I get some A535 to rub on it.

I must've slept on it wrong, or something.  It was a bit tender yesterday, but my god this morning was awful.

Anyways, for some positivity to balance the negative, I had a blast at the mug-bogging races yesterday.  Think of this:
  • Two long parallel trenches;
  • Mud;
  • LOTS of water;
  • Nearby crowds;
  • And a tonne of trucks blazing through the trenches
This all equals MUDDY FUN!  I got splashed at one point, but not nearly as badly as the people lining the fences!  And also: hotdogs, chips, popcorn and cotton candy!  :D

Alright, I'm off to catch the afternoon part of the Canada Day Celebration (HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!).  Missed the pancake breakfast and parade this morning, but got to spend time with M instead, so that was lovely (in spite of the pain).  Have a great day all!
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Well, the sammaches were a hit (as were my skinny jeans, and bugger it all but they are sort of comfortable), and we all stuffed ourselves silly.  After that, both of my bosses ditched work, and the afternoon was basically a giant waste of time.  Oh well, I'll make up for it next week.  Will probably bring some work home with me to catch up.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy my long weekend!  Oh Louis Riel, thanks for being awesome (yes, as a Métis and a Manitoban, I am firmly in the Team!Riel camp) and landing us a much needed mid-February holiday Monday!  Think I'm going to go on an adventure on Monday and find the two statues of Louis Riel that are here in Winnipeg.

Tonight, I'm going to be boring and tidy up my living room.  Think that's why I'm balking so much from working on my winter coat.  It's messy, and I hate sewing in a messy room.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!  Stay awesome.

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Headed out of town in a few minutes to visit the parents and do one last bout of Christmas with some family we couldn't see over the holidays.

I'd be more excited if this didn't mean I have to wrap things again.  :P

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Just got back from having lunch and going to see the Eaton's Fairytale Vignettes at the Children's Museum with my Grandma.  The outing was actually my Christmas gift to her, since I figured the best thing to do was to spend some time with her instead of trying to buy her something.

The Vignettes were actually some of the old Christmas window decorations that used to be on display at Eaton's, years ago.  When I saw the advert, I immediately thought of my Grandma, who used to work downtown, and figured she might like to go see them.  It was a much smaller display than I was expecting, but it was lovely to go see, and I even discovered a couple fairytales I hadn't know about until then (The Owl and the Pussycat, and The Little Match Girl).

Here's a link to the photostream at flickr if you're interested in the pictures.  Not too fancy, but lovely in their simplicity.  And they were all animated as well, which was fun even if it was just small movements.  My favourite display was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with all the dwarfs in their wee beds and their wee blankets.

All in all, a fantastic day!  It was nice to finally spend some one-on-one time with my Grandma.  :)

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It's 3 am and I've just finished wrapping all my gifts. 


Anyways, gotta be up early tomorrow ( to do laundry, shower, and clean up my sty apartment before my brother picks me up to head out to our Grandma's place for Christmas. 

I hope you all have a good, relaxing, and safe Christmas!  My gift to you all is a pants-less Mr. Darcy.  ENJOY!

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Good weekend is good. 

Spent all of yesterday sewing a Christmas dress - a green satin thing - and finished JUST in time to get to my work Christmas party.  Got lots of compliments on it, and then people were surprised when I mentioned that I'd sewn it...that day.  :D  The dinner was nice, we were at a fondu place that I've always wanted to go to.  Plus drinks were free!  

Then one of my co-workers, her fiance, and I took off to go to my best friend's brother's Christmas/Birthday party.  Turns out my coworker is friends with the crew.  It was a good party, even if I was a little overdressed.  lol!  I got called 'Silky' all night because my dress was apparently silky feeling.  I got groped often as people wanted to touch my dress, but it was all in fun.  :)  The round of 'spin the bottle' was hilarious and felt like we were back in junior high!  

Today, I cleaned my apartment in anticipation of my Grandma and Uncle coming over to visit.  Then tonight, I'm off to a show at the local theatre down the street.  Figured it was about time I went to something there, and bought a ticket to whatever was on this weekend.  I have no idea what I'm going to see.  Actually, hold on, let me look it up on the theatre website.

The Bert Johnson Quartet, featuring free-word poet T'ai Pu

Oh god.

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Had a terrific weekend!  Apartment hunting on Saturday (which seems ages ago).  Got out to my parents place for Thanksgiving yesterday, during which my brother, step-sister, and I watched the first (seasonal) Jets game.  Dinner was, of course, fantastic, and my wild rice and cream sauce dish (my Great-Grandmothers recipe, actually) was a hit, even to those unfamiliar with it.  Discussed being part of a committee to take care of our family cemetery with my Grandma over dinner (a place that is very important to us, since we're related to everyone in the place).  Spent today chilling with family and playing scrabble.  Got home this afternoon, and managed to meet up with the caretaker of the apartment I'm interested in renting to drop off my application and deposit.  *crosses fingers* 

The crazy part is, if I do get this place (and I'll find out in a couple days), I can move in as soon as this weekend.  Oh man, I hope I get this place, even if it means being stuck paying rent sooner than expected.  *crosses everything*

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Heading to my parents place in a few minutes for Thanksgiving dinner with my very extended functional disfunctional family.  Mom's coming to pick up my step-sister and I.  Glad I'm not the only one who has to be delivered to family events anymore! 

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving Day (weekend)!  Or just Happy Day to those who don`t celebrate it.  :D
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Am going away this weekend, out to Grand Beach for a cousin's reunion.  All of my most fun relatives descended from my great-grandparents, Reuben and Beatrice, are partying it up at the beach!  We're actually only one branch of the much larger Thomas Clan (yes, Clan.  We even have an adopted family tartan and have a Chief).  But we're sort of the black sheep part of the family (because we're fun and like to drink and party), so we're ignoring the rest of the Clan and hanging out this weekend.  It's just as well, since it's because of the snobby (and highly religious) white sheep part of the family that we no longer have family reunions every year anymore, so *pthfft* to them.  :D

ANYWAYS, I'm actually leaving tonight, so that I can catch a ride with one of my many cousins tomorrow morning to the small town where my brother lives, so that I can catch a ride with HIM to Grand Beach.  This not having a vehicle (or you know, money) such does make travel complicated in this part of Canada!  lol

You all be...well, sort of good.  To those in the UK, stay safe.  I'm thinking of you.  If you want to get away, we'll be the loud, rowdy, but friendly crew partying it up on the 500 in Grand Beach!  Come on and join us!  We've had random campers, and even a family from Germany stay with us when they thought we were a camp ground. lol!

Okay babbling.  Tootles!
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I haven't been posting much since I'm in Toronto visiting my best buddy, and we've been really busy.  Holidays are great yo!

Today, we had a fantastic Canada Day!  First we had an fruitastic breakfast at Cora (I had a strawberry and custard filled crepe.  Then we headed to the Black Creek Pioneer Village for the day.  The Pioneer Village was so awesome, I can't even tell you.  I adored the woman who was carding sheep wool and then spinning it on the spinning wheel.

 (Why yes, I did take this photo.  With my horribly old canon camera.  Occasionally it behaves and does cool stuff.)

It was really cool to see the people there working as the pioneers would've back in the mid 1800's.  I adored the tiny foot cranked sewing machines in some of the houses.

Look at that hooped dress thing!  And that sewing dummy!  EEEEE!!!!

Uh yeah, we were playing around.  Note my Canadian Temp Tattoos and awesome Canada Day headband, complete with sparkly Canadian flags and fireworks.  I wound up giving the headband to a little girl on the subway who was eyeing it up enviously.  :)

Then we watched fireworks from my buddies 21st floor apartment, and we saw not only the Toronto City fireworks, but the Scarborough fireworks, and even the fireworks at Niagra-on-the-Lake across Lake Ontario.  PLUS all of the residential fireworks.  Best possible plan for the fireworks, since we didn't actually have to deal with public transportation, crowds, and mass exoduses.

So overall, it was a great Canada Day!  I hope you guys had a great day too, regardless of your Canadian citizenship status!  :D

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Have successfully made it to Ottawa in one piece and with all my luggage (always a concern), and am now situated quite comfortably on a (very cozy homg I need to steal this thing) futon in my buddies basement, keeping company with a couple giant rabbits.  If no one else got Easter chocolates delivered, it's because the Easter Bunny is here along with her floppy-eared assistant.

Gonna stay here until Tuesday, when I catch an earlier train into Kingston, where I will then house- and bunny-sit for a different buddy.  This guy, Bonkers, is a little smaller, though.  Not the Monsterous Beasts that are the Easter Bunnies.  :D

Easter Bunnies )

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I've been so busy working on my thesis of late, that I haven't given much thought of what tomorrow means to me.

Thirty years ago tomorrow morning, I came into the world in a flurry of fear and tears.  Poor ickle sick Heather, who came out a girl with a heart condition instead of the healthy baby boy the doctors thought I'd be.  Don't worry, I got over it.

I've been vacillating about how I feel about hitting the "big 3-0" for months now.  When I consider the fact that I'm still a student, that I live in my parents spare bedroom, that I'm a single woman without any of the Things You're Supposed To Have by now (a job, house, family, a life, etc.), I start to panic a bit.  I think about the fact that I've been in university for 9 years and sometimes feel like I wasted my 20's.

But why am I thinking of these things?  I mean, 30 is just a number, right?  How is it any different than the last few birthdays I've celebrated?

I'll tell you the why and how.  Because of the expectations drilled into your head your entire life.  Of course I should be married.  Of course I should have kids and a house and a car and a job and the Ideal Life.  And if I don't have all that, well there's obviously something wrong with me.

Stupid, eh? 

I love my life.  Okay I hate that I'm still a student and that I need to rely so much on my family's support right now, but I have a great family, amazing friends, and I've learned the last few years that I value things like that more than I'd ever value Things.

Thirty is just a number.  Maybe it's a little bit of a scary number because of all the heavy expectations that come with it, but it's not the end of the world and it's certainly not the end of my life.  I like who I am, going into my 30's, far more than I liked myself throughout most of my 20's.  And more importantly, I know who I am and what I want, and I'm not afraid to get it.

So yeah, I'm glad to be bidding my 20's good-bye and moving onwards into my 30's.  It's going to be fucken awesome.

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*throws a snowball at everyone on her flist, cackles and ducks behind her snow fort*

*offers a shortbread reindeer to those who joins in* 

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Yay internet!  Probably the last time before Christmas too, which sort of sucks.  I keep doing things or seeing things or thinking of things that I want to post about, but I can't.  I should type them up anyways and them post them in one go when I do have internet time.  That'd probably help me feel less frustrated about the entire situation.

Christmas will be nuts this year, since we're pretty much combining 2.5 different families together.  Don't ask, it's complicated (like most families).  But it could be really fun, so I'm just going to be optimistic, and probably bakes lots of cookies.  Can't go wrong with shortbread!  :D

Happy holiday everyone, whatever holiday you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate)!  Take care of yourselves and those around you this season!

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Thanksgiving dinner was a success.  No one has died yet from food poisoning.  I'll update that progress and the saga of the Unruly Turkey tomorrow.  So so tired.  Bed now.  Night.


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