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Seems to be a [personal profile] maderr night.  I'm listening to an audio version of Geniuses while sewing a nightgown.  Add a cuppa tea and some snacks, and it sounds like a fantastic night to me! 

Need to find more audio copies of her fics, because they're perfect for listening while sewing.  Megan, force people to make more audio books!!!  lol

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I think I've discovered my new favourite tea.  It's called Genmaicha, from Davids Tea, and it's so fricken good.  It reminds me of tea from this little sushi place in Winnipeg.  It's a combination of green tea, roasted rice (which I think is my favourite flavour in the tea), and oddly, popcorn.  Although there's far less popcorn then it shows on the website, just so that you know.

And I finally learned the trick to brewing green tea: 75 degree C water.  Otherwise you can scald the tea, which makes it bitter.  HA!  I've finally conquered you, green tea!  You are now mine!  :D

Really though, as long as you don't over-brew or scald it, it has a lovely, light taste, without any hint of bitterness.  And since cutting the bitterness is the reason I usually add sugar to tea, this is a tea I will happily drink cup after cup of without any sugar. 

Which is good because I really need to cut out sugar from my diet.  Which actually means cutting out coffee, but that'll wait until after I submit.  (Maybe it's time to get a new hot beverage <3 icon...)

I digress.  I love all the teas I've gotten from Davids Tea, but this is by far my favourite.  I think I'll be getting a tin of it next!

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Final submission deadline extended to May 24.  Thank goodness!

Trying to write, but not accomplishing much.  Despite (or perhaps because of) the best thesising nest ever.  Need to have this done by tomorrow; do I force my way through it or get to bed and try to get up early?

Hmm.  One more hour, and if I still can't concentrate, I'll go to bed.

But first, a cuppa Earl Grey is required, I think.

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You know, with all the social networking sites, I'm finding it hard to remember what I talked about where.  I've never been a fan of people posting their tweets on their journal, but maybe now I see the reason for it, so you can keep track of everything.

For instance, yesterday I completed a full draft of my discussion chapter!  wooo!  And then I went back and forth with a buddy before we met up for $10 pitchers of mojitos on a patio somewhere, enjoying the sun (I got a tiny bit burnt).  And then we wandered around downtown, shopping.  Which was fun.  I got a great pair of silver leafy earrings, 3 books from Wayfarer Books (awesome awesome used book store) when I told myself only 1, and a whole bunch of tea from Davids Tea.  Spent way too much money on tea, but I got a fantastic Earl Grey, and a few other ones, including one called Glitter and Gold just because I got a cup of it and the sparkles in the tea alone sold me on buying 25 g of it.  :D

Now I need to find a tea strainer so that I can have some of this tea!  lol

All in all, a fantastic afternoon/evening off.  I'm under a huge time crunch right now, but I really needed that time off. 

Today's plans include doing the dishes (which I think has multiplied to a ridiculous amount all on it's own without my input), then hustle the bunny back into his cage and head off to Smitty's to do the edits on the discussion chapter that the super Super has already sent back, and write my conclusions chapter.



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