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In camp after a very relaxing and lazy time home.  So lazy that, in combination with losing the battle with the dessert cabinet last rotation, I've packed on a fair few pounds.  >:(  My punishment for not even trying to ride the exercise bike in our living room (right in front of the tv too) is that I'm forcing myself to go to the gym in the morning before my shift start. 

I get to the office at 5:30 am.  My alarm clock now goes off at 3:30 (and then again at 3:45 - because bleerg mornings). 

If this doesn't nip my lazy dessert eating ways, I don't know what will.  Because this sucks.

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D and I went on a fantastic hike this weekend.  We went up to Mt. Lorne, just south of Whitehorse. 

We hiked up to the ridge and camped next to a snow pack (our water source).  I'm a prairie girl, so topography is a new thing for me.  I've been working on it, and walking up the ramp at the mine has helped a lot.  But oh man, did it ever hurt!  Like I told D, it wasn't bad (where bad=godawful and I never want to do it again), but it was hard.  

Still, once we got up onto the ridge and set up camp, it was spectacular.  There was no bugs, nice cool weather, cuddling and cloud watching in the moss, and a bottle of bubbly that D hauled up there.  Pretty damn romantic, if you ask me.

It took us about 5-6 hours to hike up, and 2.5 hours to get down again.  And honestly, only a hour to walk down the section that took me us over 4 hours to do.

For the last 6 hours, though, I've barely moved off the couch.  OOOWWWWW.  lol

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I knew I was going to pay for the two back-to-back soccer games today.  My body aches.  My thighs are tired, as evident by my last pathetic attempt to go up the stairs (and I have a wicked round bruise mid-thigh from a hit I took there while in net).  But worst is my left shoulder/neck area.  Don't know how I managed it, but it's the same spot I've had trouble with it in the past.

So now I'm perched at the kitchen table, job hunting with a heat pack on my neck.  I keep moving it around though because there are other spots that hurt too.  :D  

But you know, it was totally worth it.  Last night was so much fun, and my stamina in the field is increasing.  I'm not going in for subs nearly as often as I have before.  Yay for me!

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Had soccer tonight at 8:15, and for a couple minutes there, I thought we weren't going to have enough to first field a team, and then field a team with no subs.  But then our team trickled in and we were good.  I'm so loving this league!  I've learned tonight that I'm getting pretty good at defense, and people keep telling me that I'm always in the right spot.  YAY!  Strangely, watching D play hockey helps a lot, because I'm starting to spot holes and where people need to be.  I'm pants at accepting passes and I can't kick and aim to save my life (or the game), but I'm good at getting in front of the ball and in the way of other players.  And I'm getting good at goal.  I have my team to thank for that!  They're into the game, but a bit more chill about it than other teams, and willing to teach newbies as we go.

That was spelled out clearly to me tonight, because I stuck around and subbed in the next game since one of the teams was short players.  They are definitely more intense and less helpful.

And oh goodness am I in pain now.  Doesn't help I was running late and didn't stretch enough.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting.
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Today was a much, much better day.  Right after writing that post yesterday, D convinced me to come over, despite my threats to cry on him.  Good man, D.  Anyways, he put on one of my favourite shows (Top Gear UK) and cuddled with me for a while before going to bed.  Cuddled some more this morning.  Put on a movie I wanted to see (The Hulk) and left me to knit on the couch while he worked on a project in the basement. 

We may not communicate well verbally all the time, but we're good at more quiet forms of communication, and I can't forget that.

I came home this afternoon to wash up my soccer gear before our game this evening, and thoroughly enjoyed a pot of tea.  The game was great and a lot of fun.  I was cramping up like crazy from running, but I was running a lot more than when we started, and I'm pleased about that.  I'm also less afraid of the ball, and my team is getting good at passing the ball around and talking to each other on the field.  I'm super glad that D recommended this league, because I love it.

D was playing hockey right after my game in the rink next to the soccer pitch in the Games Centre, so I went over to watch.  Not such a good plan, considering that I was sweaty and gross, and sitting in a cold rink gave me a chill, but as usual it was fun to watch.  Except that poor D's team got their asses handed to them, and got a bunch of time-outs for mouthing off to the Refs after play.  Still was fun to watch!

My stressors aren't gone, but the crash seems to have passed for now, and I have a couple ideas for solutions to the things stessing me out.  As has always been my stress moto, things will get better soon, just have to ride out the rough time until it passes.
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Went to my first soccer game last night!  Well, drop-in soccer; the games don't start until Sunday.  I had a blast at it, but was huffin' and puffin' embarrassingly quickly.  Oh well.  The point to joining up with this non-competative league was to get some fun exercise and meet people, and I think that's exactly what I'm going to get!

The sports centre is really nice.  It has everything, and the monthly fees aren't too bad considering how modern the facilities are.  I'm going to look into getting a pass there.  Between soccer and going to see D's hockey games (he's a goalie), I don't think I'll have much trouble motivating myself to go.  Which is always my problem.  :)
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Ah man, I had a great day yesterday.

Rode into city centre to do some running around, and stopped at a little 50's diner for lunch. Mmm poutine (with real cheese curds too) and chocolate milkshake.  So good, and so damn filling, I could only eat half of the poutine.  I'm definitely going back there, and probably dragging someone in with me to share the tastiness!

Then, as promised, I checked out one of the museums.  Since I was meeting D (formally known as 'the Maybe' and M, and I really don't like using either of those when I'm actually here and trying this thing out - seems disrespectful) at his place to help with some renos, I decided to hit up the transportation museum since it was right across the street for him.  It was pretty cool.  They went through the history and challenges faced by early transportation methods in some of the most rugged and punishing conditions to get through )

I'm glad I went, because it's certainly sparked my interest in the history of the region.  It'll be cool to check out some of the other museums in town.

Heh, but man I almost died  riding D's bike to the museum. HINT: D's place and the museum are at a much higher elevation than my home and city centre.  I'm a prairie girl, we don't do hills.  My legs staged a revolt this morning when I tried biking home.  Wasn't too bad once I got to the downhill section (I've never ridden that fast on a bike in my life!), but getting over the small incline to get to that section was torture!  I am so out of shape, heh.

Alright, time to get moving (despite protest from my legs).  Cheers all!

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Convo with a friend tonight after going for a run:

me:  Well, that was both better and worse than I thought it'd be
Fuss oh?
 me:  'okay, this isn't so bad, I feel pretty good, actually'
'ooo, okay, that interval was a little harder'
'oh god'
Fuss:  hehehe
'oh, okay this one was a little bit easier'
'hey I feel great I could keep going'
'oh fuck there's one more interval? DAMMIT'
Fuss:  hehe
remember to go slooooow
me:  I DID!
Fuss:  and that you will improve pretty fast
me:  it was pathedic
I think a toddler outpaced me at one point
the flab on my butt hurts
Fuss:  I hate the jiggle
me:  i distinctly remember at one point thinking "ow my flab!"
and then a Jesus-lover* caught me when I was red-faced and out of breath and cooling down and Spoke The Word at me for a while
and I was too out of breath and stunned to easily wiggle free

And then later:

me:  Man, I so want a beer after that run.
It was all I was thinking about through the last half of it
'I deserve a beer after all this crap'
Fuss:  lol
would kinda defeat teh purpose of the run though
me:  nuh uh! Muscle and stamina building!  And wheat is good for you yo!
Fuss:  lol
me: okay off to shower and sew!
have a good night, Fuss!  It was nice chatting running with you!  Or is that running chatting? Chat running? Run chatting? My brain is weird right now. TIME TO HYDRATE!

*His words, not mine.
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Okay, I admit, I fell off of my fitness challenge before I even got onto the wagon.  I was supposed to start the 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, 200 squats challenges (hereby referred to as pushupsitupsquat) last Monday, but between the report stress and sheer laziness, I…didn’t.  And then because I’ve got this set in mind that the three days/week will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday, I didn’t want to start later on in the week.

BUT THIS TIME, I actually made it onto the wagon without any spills (although I nearly tossed my cookies in that last set of squats last night), and I’m going to keep on going!


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Between moving back home to Mom's cooking and thesis crunch stress, I've been packing on the pounds of late, and not feeling very good about it. I mean, I'm usually alright with weight fluctuations, but this is probably the worst that I've been. I'm trying not to stress over it, since I really just need to focus on finishing the thesis.

But then Heather over at Fussiology (who is dealing with nearly the same situation as I am) came across a few interesting challenges that she plans to take on, and I'm going to join her.
No, you don't have to do all of that at once.  But it is a program that slowly build you up to doing 100 consecutive push ups, 200 consecutive sit ups, and 200 consecutive squats, through about 10 minutes a day for each challenge (30 minutes total), 3 times a week.  They tell you what to do, and you follow instructions.

I can do that.

So I'm going to give it a try.  If nothing else, it'll be a nice quick break from thesising, especially when I start to get twitchy while sitting at my desk.  There's an initial test that you're supposed to do for each challenge, basically a baseline to see where you'll start off in the program.  I did mine this afternoon, and it was really pathetic:

(Girly on-your-knees) Push ups: 9
Sit ups: 30
Squats: 23

I'm not surprised by the push ups (or press ups for you Brits out there) or the squats, but my sit up count was really pitiful.  I probably could've pressed on, but my form started getting bad, and I figured it was a good place to stop for now.

So I start the program tomorrow.  Starts off deceptively easy (or so I say now), but looking ahead gets scary.  But I guess it's like my thesis: just look at the crap you need to deal with now and don't bite off more than you can chew at one time.  Tiny bites.  :)

Wish me luck!

Heather, I'm sure I'm going to hate you in the coming weeks, but you can just hate me back, because WE'RE DOING THIS THING.  NO EXCUSES!  WE ARE MAILMEN, NOTHING WILL GET IN OUR WAY.

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Back from Vermont and in so much pain. Well alright, not as much as yesterday. We hiked an incredible amount over oh so many hills and tailings piles both days of the trip, and yesterday was harder since I was so sore. DAMN YOU APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS. I'm used to sitting at my desk or on my couch, or walking on pavement, so it was a little rough going.

But good. The trip itself was fabulous and it was awesome to see some other contaminated mine sites. I haven't seen many yet, and I need to become more familiar for actually working in the field.

I'm planning on keeping up the exercise since I'm actually feeling really good after all that walking. Although I will admit, riding my bike up that first hill (that my house is at the bottom of) this morning was hard. My poor legs were shaking by the time I got to school. Gotta make sure not to over-do it.

Anywho, now I'm off to get some more work done. Trying very hard to get better organized for thesis stuff, since The Supervisor is starting to ask for things to read and deadlines. EEP!


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