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After how many months of floundering and panicking about my thesis, I think I've worked out a battle plan, and I now feel like this is finally doable. Thank God.

But because I've been stressing myself out about this for ages now, and I need a bit of time to regroup, I've decided to give myself the weekend off. YAY!

So today I've mostly been just straightening up my apartment and finishing off a sewing project, a short sleeved blouse using New Look 6407. I even managed to get some pictures of it outside in the sun before a wicked storm blew through Kingston.

Picture behind the cut )

In you're interested in more pictures, you can check out my sewing blog.

I think I'm going to go bake a coffee cake and make a cup of coffee before sitting down and watch an episode or two of Project Runway season 4. Maybe I'll even start cutting out pieces for a second blouse in another fabric.

Tomorrow may be some of the same.  :)  Maybe I'll even sleep in!  Or at least, more so than normal. 

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What with all my creativity and inspiration going into both my sewing and thesis lately (have we noticed the tag "master of bs" lately?), I've been utterly uninspired to do any type of real cooking. And unfortunately, my craptacular diet is starting to show. :(

Tonight, I was starving but had no desire to eat at all. And then, while perusing the contents of my fridge and cupboards, inspiration struck!

Wieners and beans.

This meal brings back so many memories for me. My Dad, who was always a good cook when he put the effort, would often not bother with the effort and bang out these cheap, easy meals that kids love. Monda's special (hamburger, bacon, kraft dinner, and tomato soup all fried together). Fried rice. Stir-fry. Wieners and beans.

And wieners and beans have always been one of my favorites. Right below the spaghetti sauce he would occasionally take all day to make.

So tonight I enjoyed a quick and easy (and maybe not so healthy) dinner and great memories. Thanks Dad. <3
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I was hoping to do a nice post about why I'm proud to be Canadian, but then I spend all morning and this afternoon reading articles on arsenic geochemistry and mobility in a wetland (hullo thesis topic, nice to see you again), and my brain is now mush.

Instead, I'll share my gem of a find this morning. After reading [personal profile] copperbadge post on receiving unordered pre-hardboiled, pre-shelled eggs, I laughed pretty hard when I found these at the grocery this morning.

Yes, I bought a pack (at 99 cents, eep!).  Yes, they were pretty tasty, if a little rubbery and disturbing when I thought too long about it.  No, I won't buy them again.  It was a novelty and made me laugh, so was worth the money paid the one time!

Actually, I think the most disturbing part of this was the they "expire" when unopened at the end of July.  End of July!  I don't even think my fresh uncooked eggs have that long of a shelf life.

And yet, strangely, I'm now craving hard boiled eggs.  Guess I know what I'm having for supper.  ;)

So that's what you get for Canada Day.  Hard-boiled eggs.  I think it's appropriate! 

...uh, don't think too hard on that one.
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Tonight at my favourite grocery, I got 3 pounds of strawberries for $1.50! They were on sale because they were very ripe and probably going bad soon. So I'm totally cutting and cleaning them up, then freezing them for later use.

And I'm totally making strawberry crumble tarts this weekend! :D

I just need to find a decent pie crust recipe, since I'm not happy with the one I used last time.


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