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Went to a Halloween party on Saturday night with D's hockey team, and oh cripes I was pretty gone.  Had less than 4 beers, but I was addicted to the jello brains, and I suspect there was a lot of alcohol in it.  Could've also been the shots one of the big guys kept handing around.

So obviously I spent all of yesterday on the couch hungover.  It was great. 

(Not really)

Anyways, I had to go pick up my car since there was no way either one of us was driving and the party was only about a 20 minute walk from my place.  I refused to go yesterday, but I had to today since Quiet Roommate was flying back today on the 12:00 Vancouver flight and I'd promised to pick her up.

It is gorgous outside!  Mild temps, and we've had 3-4 inches of snow since Saturday night!  Everything is drapped in a blanket of snow.  I enjoyed watching a couple magpies playing in a snow covered tree until the fuckers dumped a bunch of snow on my head.  I've always hated magpies, it was nice of them to show that they're just as much the assholes that their Manitoba cousins are.

Still, it was a pretty walk, I'm glad I did it today.

Of course, then Quiet Roommate wasn't on the 12:00 flight.  I've texted her a few times, but I haven't heard anything from her.  Not sure what happened, but now she can take a cab home.
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Just dropped my roommate, B, off at the airport, and I just heard the plane take off and circle back south.  Ah the joys of living in a small city with an airport on a plateau above town.  Like the Edinburgh castle, but louder.

(Check out the cool geologic evolution of the plateau that the Edinburgh castle sits on. Hint: It's part of a volcano. Cool, eh?)

It's going to be super quiet around here with B gone.  She's off to visit her Dad down east for a month, so it'll just be me and the Quiet Roommate.  Although I'm planning on setting up my sewing machine on B's desk, so it'll be nice to have a pseudo-dedicated sewing space for a while.  :D

BTW, it's 8:10 am and it's still pitch black outside (although a bit of deep blue on the horizon), and -16 C (3 F) this morning.  I'm pleased to announce that my car actually started this morning!  \o/

Also, it might be time to turn on the baseboard heater in my bedroom...

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Cripes is it ever hot out. Yes, it get's hot in the Yukon. Keep in mind, we have much much longer days than you in the summer (although we're losing 7 minutes of daylight a day), and it just sort of circles around most of the sky.  Really disorienting to see the sun in the northern sky.

But I digress (as usual); it's bloody hot.  I decided to come out on the patio to work on my laptop, and it's only been like, 30 seconds and I'm dying. The laptop is already almost too hot to touch and I'm vaguely worried about it overheating.  I brought out coffee and chocolate digestives for a snack, but I can't bring myself to touch the coffee and the chocolate is melting.  Like, dripping chocolate everywhere, and I've not even been out here 5 minutes. 

I'm probably burning.  In fact, my left shoulder and arm are already looking pinker than the other side.

Okay, so much for this.  Time to go back inside.
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780 km down, 2500 km to go!  I (finally) managed to get away yesterday, but only by about 2 pm (and it was 3 pm before I actually got onto the highway).  Because I really do suck at packing, I didn't get to bed until about 4:30 am the previous night and was up by 8, so I was pretty tired while driving.  I offset this by eating way too much crap.  Which sort of explains the stomache ache this morning!

Anyways, I hit some wicked weather systems.  There was a giant storm just as I crossed into Saskatchewan, but I only caught the edge of it.  But then, just as it was starting to get dark out, I hit a really intense storm.  I'd stopped for gas and found out there were tornado warnings from there to the Alberta border, and the skies just ahead were this yellowy-brown and I swear the soundtrack from Twister started to play in my head (you know, that instrumental part that warned of approaching tornado).  Decided to drive on anyways, because I'm stubborn, and hit the heaviest rain I've ever seen about 30 seconds later.  Seriously, it was raining so hard I could barely see the highway!  I couldn't even turn off the highway because I COULDN'T SEE IT, and I certainly didn't trust pulling over.  I just drove slow and followed along the edge of the highway and ditch.  And then it petered out to nothing about 4 minutes later.  The clear skies ahead is what drove me onward.

So I gave up on camping last night and drove straight on to Saskatoon.  I definitely made up for my late start yesterday!  Onward to Grande Prairie, Alberta!
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*weeping in a puddle of tears and sweat*
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I should be cleaning. 

I should start packing up stuff.

I should at least be trying to find my bedroom floor.

Instead I'm going to sit here with a glass of wine and a crafty project and listen to the thunderstorm raging outside.  ^__^
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It's been cold as fuck lately, which is actually a good thing since this weather is more normal than the -5C we've been having.  For those who say that we shouldn't count the windchill when describing temps have never been here.  While the base temperature was only -16C (~3F)* on Friday, it felt like -40C (-40F)* with the windchill.  It's the joy of living on the prairies, where there is literally nothing to block or slow down the wind when it comes tearing through the province.

But today?  Today is quite lovely.  Clear blue skies, sunny as all get-out, and crisp -10C (14F)*.  Lovely day for a walk.  Went off to the local coffee shop for a latte and a chapter of Pride and Prejudice, then an hour long stroll through the residential streets.  My neighbourhood is one of the older ones in the city, with big trees lining the streets and gorgeous, large houses constructed in the 40's and 50's.  I've been itching to wander about for a while now, and today was a great opportunity.

And now I'm off to watch a Torchwood marathon while forcing myself to work on my winter coat, because I'm really tired of wearing my ever increasingly ratty work jacket when out in public.  I hope you all enjoy your day as much as I have been!

* I'm trying to force myself to finally get a grasp of Fahrenheit temperatures, because they always baffle me and I come across it often enough.  All conversions done using this site.

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Sitting here, trying to move
dazed and tired and confused
and all of a sudden
shining light appears
as the sun breaks
through the cloud cover

and it shines
like liquid gold
on the trees and the leaves
on the wall and on my knees
through my cloud cover

and my mind lifts up
like a plastic bag on the wind
and i'm inspired to soar...

...until that wind blows
more clouds
in front of the sun
and the golden inspiration leaves
and now i think it's time for bed.

screw dinner.

good night.
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+ 4 degrees C in February in Manitoba.  WTF is this shit??!  It should be -40 C NOT EFFIN' +4 ARGH.

Back in the boonies, so very little internet access from now one.  *le sigh*  Just when I was getting used to having it again.  :(

Depressing post is depressing, whoa man.  Here's a bit of joy to end it off.  I've got a sewing project to work on, and I even got the FBA (full bust adjustment) finished on it last night!  I don't know why I stopped sewing, other than thinking that I'd work on my thesis more.  It actually motivates me to work on the thesis more often (since I can tell myself I can only sew if I do a certain amount of work), and it give me the creative outlet I've been craving lately.

Alright, I'm done babbling.  Wish me luck in no-internet land!  Don't feel bad for me, though.  I have a project!  :D

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I think plate tectonics shifted us around when no one was looking, because I think it's moved southern Ontario to places usually reserved for tropical forests.  When I left the house this morning, it was 24 C and 90% humidity WTF?!  And it's supposed to go up to 36 C or something?  

Please let me off this ride.  This prairie girl wants her nice dry Manitoba back.  It may get hot, but at least it's a dry heat, and I can always go down to the lake to cool off.  Cripes. 



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