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I am a ginormous klutz.

I was chopping an onion last night, and obviously wasn't paying enough attention.  The knife slipped and cut into my left forefinger fingernail.  :( :(  It just grazed the fleshy bit underneath, and didn't even really hurt much, but I'm not looking forward to this growing out.  I've already caught the nail on a few things already (which, to be fair, is the only time it really hurts).


On the other hand (heh, literally), I'm really enjoying my new Kobo!  Now to go download a tonne of ebooks for fill it with!
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Am sick. CAught the camp plague. Have lots of meds and juice boxes beside me. Please send more in 2.5 hours, or possibly tomorrow morning if these meds do as promised and knock me out.  Please knock me out meds. 


Took less than 5 days in camp too.  :(
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I knew I was going to pay for the two back-to-back soccer games today.  My body aches.  My thighs are tired, as evident by my last pathetic attempt to go up the stairs (and I have a wicked round bruise mid-thigh from a hit I took there while in net).  But worst is my left shoulder/neck area.  Don't know how I managed it, but it's the same spot I've had trouble with it in the past.

So now I'm perched at the kitchen table, job hunting with a heat pack on my neck.  I keep moving it around though because there are other spots that hurt too.  :D  

But you know, it was totally worth it.  Last night was so much fun, and my stamina in the field is increasing.  I'm not going in for subs nearly as often as I have before.  Yay for me!

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On Day 2 of a persistant headache.  I'd be concerned, but my back and neck has been stiff since soccer on Wednesday night, and I suspect it's related to that.  Should've picked up some muscle relaxents, but ah well.  I'm going to go pop another advil and have a cup of tea, and hopefully that will help.  :)
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Beer + hot tub + beer + a beautiful clear sky full of stars + beer = good times.

Except when you fall out of the tub and land on your ankle.  Then it's less so.
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Man, a sudden and horrible headache just attacked about 2 hours ago, and I've been barely able to move ever since.  It's probably from an over-abundance of emotion. :P

Finally found some of my roommates advil though, and am feeling much better!  SHH, don't tell her.  So Harry Potter marathon, maybe?  :)  I haven't seen the earlier movies in years, and haven't watched anything past Goblet of Fire, even though I've own them all forever.  Sort of lost interest after the last book came out.  Time to start watching them again, I think!
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Ah man, I had a great day yesterday.

Rode into city centre to do some running around, and stopped at a little 50's diner for lunch. Mmm poutine (with real cheese curds too) and chocolate milkshake.  So good, and so damn filling, I could only eat half of the poutine.  I'm definitely going back there, and probably dragging someone in with me to share the tastiness!

Then, as promised, I checked out one of the museums.  Since I was meeting D (formally known as 'the Maybe' and M, and I really don't like using either of those when I'm actually here and trying this thing out - seems disrespectful) at his place to help with some renos, I decided to hit up the transportation museum since it was right across the street for him.  It was pretty cool.  They went through the history and challenges faced by early transportation methods in some of the most rugged and punishing conditions to get through )

I'm glad I went, because it's certainly sparked my interest in the history of the region.  It'll be cool to check out some of the other museums in town.

Heh, but man I almost died  riding D's bike to the museum. HINT: D's place and the museum are at a much higher elevation than my home and city centre.  I'm a prairie girl, we don't do hills.  My legs staged a revolt this morning when I tried biking home.  Wasn't too bad once I got to the downhill section (I've never ridden that fast on a bike in my life!), but getting over the small incline to get to that section was torture!  I am so out of shape, heh.

Alright, time to get moving (despite protest from my legs).  Cheers all!

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Okay, change of plans. I decided to bike down to see the rest of the Canada Day celebration, and that was sort of a dumb idea when you've a sore shoulder. 

This is what happened:
  1. Ride bike down the bike path next to the road, both hands on the handles
  2. Purse slips off hip and slides forward, bumping against legs and generally being annoying
  3. Remove right hand from handles to adjust purse
  4. Leave only left hand on handles, which is attached to left arm, which is attached to a very sore shoulder
  5. Don't pay attention to the road ahead
  6. Ride off the curb
  7. Take all the impact not absorbed by the shocks with my left arm and shoulder
  8. Nearly puke from the pain
Ahaha oh god, not my most shining moment.  I basically popped some advil, craddled my arm the rest of the way into city centre and prayed that the pharmacy was open so I could buy some A535.  They were, thank fuck.


I did wander into the local independent bookstore afterward though, and bought Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer.  M and I are going to watch the movie, but he told me I had to read the book first.  And I will, once I'm finished the two other books I've been working my way through for the last few months. 

Babbling about A Study in Scarlet and Madam Curie, A Biography )

Anywho, I think this post has gone on long enough.  My shoulder is now nicely numb from the lotion and I think it's time for a cuppa before reading? watching a movie? playing a game?  Not sure yet, but whatever it is, it'll be nice and relaxing.  :D 

Happy Canada Day! 

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I am in a ridiculous amount of pain.

My shoulder, omg, I can't even pretend it's okay because it's already brought me to tears this morning.  Poor M didn't know what to do with me, just rubbed my back and stayed quiet.  I'm now on advils and will be for the rest of the day, and he adviced I get some A535 to rub on it.

I must've slept on it wrong, or something.  It was a bit tender yesterday, but my god this morning was awful.

Anyways, for some positivity to balance the negative, I had a blast at the mug-bogging races yesterday.  Think of this:
  • Two long parallel trenches;
  • Mud;
  • LOTS of water;
  • Nearby crowds;
  • And a tonne of trucks blazing through the trenches
This all equals MUDDY FUN!  I got splashed at one point, but not nearly as badly as the people lining the fences!  And also: hotdogs, chips, popcorn and cotton candy!  :D

Alright, I'm off to catch the afternoon part of the Canada Day Celebration (HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!).  Missed the pancake breakfast and parade this morning, but got to spend time with M instead, so that was lovely (in spite of the pain).  Have a great day all!
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My thumb is burning. MY THUMB IS BURNING OMG. And so are my calves, but for entirely different reasons.

First, the thumb.

So I made this stirfry tonight, one that I've made before. And I was careful after chopping the jalapeno pepper; I washed my hands 3 times right afterward to make sure I got all of the juices.  But obviously that didn't work, because right after touching my lips and scratching my nose, THEY STARTED TO BURN OMG.  And now, hours and many handwashings later, my thumb is burning like trees flooded by lava and omg omg IT HURTS!  :(

Second, my calves.

This is from earlier in the day and entirely the Yukon Maybe's fault.  He took me for a "walk" to try to find a cave. ON A MOUNTAIN.  Oh my goodness, I'm utterly pathetic. I'm so badly out of shape, and my many breaks and huffing and puffing was embarassing, especially next to him and his utter lack of out of breathness.  But it was fun, and while it's hard now, it'll get easier.  I hope.  :D  But for now, my calves are burning, and I suspect that my thighs will also hurt once I'm less distracted by my calves (and thumb). 



May. 7th, 2012 02:24 pm
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My shoulder and back of neck has been in a hideous amount of pain since yesterday (although it started just a twinge, and then got stiffer and stiffer as the day went on).  Last night sucked, because every time I moved, it would shout at me that that wasn't a good idea, and woke me up each time.  Getting out of bed this morning sucked almost as much as the night before.

I was just thinking this morning that I should keep a journal noting strange things like this, because I vaguely recall a similar pain before.  (ETA: Oh hey, would you look at that.)  And then I remembered that I already have a journal I could record this stuff in, one I might actually not lose.

Look!  I even have an appropriate tag all set up for this!
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Just got a tetanus booster shot, since I haven't had one in far longer than I'd like to consider.  Was going to stay out of work all day on the walk-in clinic excuse, but I was done by 10, and the guilt has settled in.  Damn you work for exploiting my loyalty (depsite the fact that I'll basically be working for free since my overtime from last week will be eaten up by training and meeting hours). 

Dammit.  Whatever, I'm taking off early on Friday, no matter what.

But in consolation, I'm going for sushi with the girls before headed back to the office.  AND, I should run because the bus is about to come.  Have a nicer day than me, everyone!
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I've got a booboo!  :(  

Last night I managed to scratch my shin pretty badly with a nail. A rusty nail. It hurt at the time and bled for a while, but I sort of forgot about it by this morning.  Until I managed to bang it against the tub, and then I went off to get peroxide and bandages.  I just called my Mom about it, because hey, isn't there a shot you're supposed to get if you're cut by a rusty piece of metal?  Eep.  Mom said keep an eye on it for any weird swelling and redness, and if it's causing any problems by the morning, then head on over to the clinic.  I might just call Health Links in the morning anyways and see what they say.

I hope I don't have to get a shot, because omg shots, and also I'm supposed to go to the Quilt Show tomorrow.  I don't want to be sitting in a clinic for hours instead, waiting to be stabbed by another piece of metal.  *grumps*
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Finally have my art project done, except for adding a sawtooth hanger to the back of one picture frame and then hanging the entire thing on my wall.  I'll save that for tomorrow though, when I won't be annoying everyone with the hammering.

That, and I'd like to have somewhat straight pictures!

I managed to slice open my thumb while cleaning some of the picture glass.  Should've known I'd do that.  It was gushing pretty badly for a while, but it seems fine now.  Will be a bitch tomorrow.  And silly me, with no bandaids in the house.  I should know better!
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Last week was really rough.  After 13-14 hour days Mon-Thurs, I nearly quit on Friday when they sent us to do a really frustrating well decommission, and said that if we don't get it done that afternoon, we'd have to come back on Saturday.  My field partner and I were livid, and while I can't say it was the best well decommission job out there, it got done in a few hours.  

Sadly, at the expense of me getting hurt.  I was frustrated and annoyed, and when the shovel I'd leaned against the van started to slide, I automatically lunged for it.  At the same time, the pick handle that was also leaning against the van fell towards me, and I managed to catch it hard against my ribs just under my breast.  GOD did that ever hurt.  I was concerned that I'd broken a rib at first, but it's just bruised.  Knocked the air from me, though, and combined with my frustration, I was a blubbering mess for a while.  

It's pretty sore today, but I'm fine with that.  Better than having to work today!
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I'm an idiot.

Was climbing on a table to reach something in the basement, and stupidly stepped on the folding chair to get down.  The creaky, unstable folding chair.  The whole thing tipped over, and I fell off, but not before my arse landed on the back of the chair.  I have a wicked bruise between my arse and thigh, and it hurts to sit.

Like I said, I'm sort of an idiot.  Trust me guys, don't stand on folding chairs.  NO SMART.

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Not dying from swollen face, either.  \o/

Went to the Urgent Care Clinic at Health Services on campus, and I'm very impressed.  I was #9 in line to see a doctor, but I only waited about an hour or so to see one, which isn't bad in my books.  The nurse did pull me into an exam room pretty quickly though, to make sure it wasn't an allergic reaction and I was about to go into anaphylactic shock or anything, which was pretty decent of them. 

The doctor couldn't be positive, but she was pretty sure it was some sort of eczema (not emphysema, like I kept thinking while googling), and she prescribed me some hyderm cream for it.  She said give it a few days, and it should clear up.  Can't hurt, anyways, and it may stop the itch.  My eyes will appreciate it.

She quizzed me a lot about my habits lately, if there's been any change in detergent, shampoo, soap, lotion, anything.  Can't be, since I'm moving out soon and trying to use up all the junk I've been using for ages.  BUT, I am in the process of moving, and despite 7 or 8 years of professional house cleaning experience, I'm not all that keen on dusting.  The dust bunnies are vicious, yo.  Especially the buggers under my couch.

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Feeling so much better now.  Had a sudden migraine hit a couple hours ago.  Luckily I installed an "If Migraine Emergency: Break Glass" kit in my bathroom, so some drugs and a nap helped immensely!  :D  

As for my face, I'm headed to an urgent care clinic tomorrow morning, so hopefully good things will come of that.  So far, I have eliminated mumps and smashing my face into something hard (swelling in the wrong places and no bruises or broken nose, respectively).

I'm finally feeling more human, after 2 days of feeling like a beast.  Time to get going on the chapter that was due today (whoops!), since I'm actually feeling inspired to write.

(ETA: And the Heather Word Of The Day is: FEELING.  Repeat after me kids: feeling.)

Just as soon as I brew a pot of coffee.  :)

Cheers all!

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A few days ago, I posted about waking up with a swollen lip.  In which I talk about facial swelling and silly drama over health cards )

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I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back shoulder area, right next to my shoulder blade.  Where's a half nekkid hot masseuse when I need him.  Or her.  I'm not picky.

Ow.  :(


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