Jan. 15th, 2012 04:49 pm
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Haven't seen the last episode of Sherlock yet, but just found out on twitter that...

spoiler under cut )

Now please upload the damn episode!

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I have The Walking Dead episode 1 downloaded and ready to go, but I just don't think I can watch it.  I'm not good with zombie shows, despite (or because of?) the numerous ones I've seen.  I've watched precisely 2 minutes and 39 seconds of it, and the anxiety is already getting to me!

Maybe I'll put on the latest episode of Criminal Minds instead. 

Why yes, I do believe I am a wimp.

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Man, ever since watching last week's Criminal Minds episode, I have a strong hankering to watch the movie Twister again.  Gotta get my paws on it, somehow.
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Dammit Criminal Minds, are you going to make me tear up every week?

In other news, TV commercials really annoy me.  Well, the things being peddled do.  For instance, Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups?  Sure, let's package a small portion of rice in a disposable plastic cup sold in 2 cup packages wrapped in cardboard.  Then all you have to do is microwave the little cup for one minute, pop the rice onto a plate and enjoy.  Oh, and throw out that little plastic cup.  No don't worry about it, garbage just magically disappears. 

Man, I hate our disposable society.  How bloody short sighted can we be?

The other commercial that I noticed was for Christmas Rice Krispies.  Can we please get past Halloween at least, before you start shoving Christmas down our throats?

*grumpy Heather is grumpy*  Well, not really.  I'm just taking the evening off and watching TV.  :)  I never realized how much I hate both the products being sold and how they sell them.  OMG GERMS KILL THEM ALL EVERYTHING MUST BE EASY DON'T TAKE MORE THAN 3 MINUTES TO MAKE SUPPER THIS PRODUCT WILL MAKE YOU SO POPULAR AND SEXY AND SUCCESSFUL.

Heh alright, I'm done ranting.  Back to watching brainless TV.  :D  (As much as it makes me nervous flying, I love watching Mayday.)

Oh, one final other other news, mostly so I have a record of it.  There's something wrong with the outside corner of my left eye.  It was really dry this afternoon, and I thought something was in it.  But now the upper lid feels swollen, and it hurts a bit to blink.  :(  If it's still hurting tomorrow, I'll head down to the clinic.  I'm off to Denver next week for a conference, and I don't need to worry about an eye problem.

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Despite resisting it for ages and ages while someone on my flist praises it to the skies, I finally got hooked into White Collar.  In fact, I did a season 1 marathon on Saturday, and caught up on season 2 this week.  This show seriously fills me with glee.  Not only are the characters awesome, the suspense built up gradually, and has awesome season and series long arcs and plots, it's the little things that get me, the interactions between the characters, the consistencies in the show and characters are such a nice change from most other shows out there.  My gosh, it's so nice to see a character stay in character, and growing while staying in character! 

Anywho, I've decided to pay it forward, and a friend of mine is coming over tonight to watch the first couple episodes.  While I'm excited about this, it couldn't be worse timing.  SO BUSY right now, but the guy is only down for the day from Ottawa, and the poor sod needs some company right now.  Dammit, why can't I say no to people when they ask me for things?  Heh, oh well, it'll be fun.

Probably the worst part of all this is that my apartment is a disaster; it looks like a fabric store/laundry mat blew up all over it, so now I'm spending hours I could be working on my thesis (or sewing!), cleaning up.  Dammit, company should accept my disaster zone as is!!!  :D

Oh well, the motivation is a good thing.  I guess.  :D
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Dammit!  I've pretty much been watching White Collar episodes all day, and it's all [personal profile] copperbadge 's fault!  This is the third tv series he's hooked me on, not to mention numerous books.

Still, can't really blame the guy for having good taste in entertainment.  Unless I never ever finish my thesis as a result.  :D  

This show is good, I mean, really good.  The characters are great (I love love love Elizabeth and Mozz), and the overarching plots are so interesting, I haven't been able to stop watching all day.  At this rate, I'm going to get caught up on the show in no time, and also blow my monthly download limit!  

At least it's provided some entertainment while doing some of the tedious hand sewing that I hate doing.  :)


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