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So, I got canned from work yesterday.

Yeah, it sucks.  I'm embarrassed, to be honest.  They gave me the tried-n-true excuse of "personality conflicts" which they've used when letting people go in the past.  Apparently I didn't "fit" in the office. 
Suspicions and how I handled it behind the cut. Probably tl;dr, but I'm proud of my grace during the whole thing. :) )

Anywho, I've babbled enough about this. Time to go make a cup of coffee and work on a sewing project I need to finish this weekend.  I'm taking the weekend off to relax, and will start working out what I'm going to do on Monday.  :)

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Today can die in a fire.  In fact, this entire week can.  Urgh, I just love working scads of overtime that I won't be paid for.  :P

Anywho, I'm going to go wash off the stench of hydrocarbons and then maybe go spiff up my resume. Or just make a cuppa and enjoy some Sherlock fanfic or the latest Less Than Three Press serial update.  I really need to get caught up on those!
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Just got a tetanus booster shot, since I haven't had one in far longer than I'd like to consider.  Was going to stay out of work all day on the walk-in clinic excuse, but I was done by 10, and the guilt has settled in.  Damn you work for exploiting my loyalty (depsite the fact that I'll basically be working for free since my overtime from last week will be eaten up by training and meeting hours). 

Dammit.  Whatever, I'm taking off early on Friday, no matter what.

But in consolation, I'm going for sushi with the girls before headed back to the office.  AND, I should run because the bus is about to come.  Have a nicer day than me, everyone!
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So we had all the Frantic today, with sudden SURPRISE FIELDWORK from our clients. As such, I'm off to do 2 days of field work while also having to get 2-3 reports out the door. *facepalm*  It's going to be one of those weeks.

But the highlight of the day was putting out fires.  Literally.  Hands-on fire extinguisher training is much more fun than a piddly little online course.  :D

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Alright, I stuck it out at work until 6, but now I'm home.  \o/  Was actually planning on leaving by 5, but got busy on something. It was good, though. I finished up some sections of my report that were hovering over me for a while, identified what I have to do on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/whenever they give me time to finish during office hours, because this requires help.

So now that the work stuff is done, I'm planning on putting on a movie and doing crafty stuff for the rest of the evening!  I'd work on the winter coat I've been blathering on about on my sewing blog, but I've already worked hard on it this weekend and I can't stand to look at it anymore. 

So crocheted pillow it is!

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I decided to be a dedicated little worker ant and come into work on my day off.  Mostly out of guilt for leaving early (due to illness) on Friday, but also because I have a report I NEED to get done, and I'm not sure if I'm even in the office on Monday and Tuesday to get the stupid thing done. 

Every time someone sends me out in the field and tells me 'oh don't worry, the report will get done' despite the fact that it was supposed to be done by the end of March, brings out the urge to strangle someone.  Because my boss certainly isn't taking the fact that I haven't been in the office lately as a valid excuse.  *headdesk*

Oh well, do what you can the best that you can. 
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So I was in the field this week, and it was probably the crappiest field excursion I've had since starting at this company. 

Cut because omg the whining. tl;dr. Basically, car trouble and discovering just how much my companies sucks at supporting field staff during emergencies. )
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Well, I'm back in the field again for a couple days.  This was a surprise, because I wasn't supposed to leave until Thursday, and only for the day.  Instead, I left today after work and drove the 3 hour trip to the town my site is in.  Plus they added another project for Thursday, so I won't even be getting home until that night. 

This is putting a kink into my 3 letters a week plan.  Especially since I was planning to stop at the post office this evening after work to get a US stamp.  That went out the window.  Oh well, I can still send out my letters Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This is why I didn't commit to a letter every day.  *headdesk*

Anywho, it's nice to be in the field.  I've been stuck in front of a computer most of the time lately, and escaping is lovely.  :D

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Have been off harassing people in The Pas, MB all week, for entirely work-related reasons!  They've got me working on Phase I Environmental Assessments, which basically requires gathering and summarizing All The Information Ever for whatever site we're investigating. 

Reminder: I work in environmental consulting - unfortunately in oil and gas and NOT in mining like I'd prefer, but I digress.

Anyways, this is my very first report, so of course they tossed the hardest possible site in my lap. )

*sigh*  I keep telling myself to write just a short blurb, but these always wind up tl;dr.  Sorry guys.  *hangs head*

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Am about to make some Cornflake Crunchie goodness (which is basically cornflakes and peanuts stuck together with brown sugar, corn syrup, peanut butter and vanilla and then chilled), and then I'm off to work.  No, I'm not mixing up the days.  I told my coworker I'd come in this weekend if she needed me and help her with a huge report she has to have done by Tuesday.  Because I'm nice like that. 


At least we'll have some tasty treats to munch on!

Oh! Look what I finished up last night!  Nighties!  It was cozy to sleep in, too, so I call that  a success.

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Last week was really rough.  After 13-14 hour days Mon-Thurs, I nearly quit on Friday when they sent us to do a really frustrating well decommission, and said that if we don't get it done that afternoon, we'd have to come back on Saturday.  My field partner and I were livid, and while I can't say it was the best well decommission job out there, it got done in a few hours.  

Sadly, at the expense of me getting hurt.  I was frustrated and annoyed, and when the shovel I'd leaned against the van started to slide, I automatically lunged for it.  At the same time, the pick handle that was also leaning against the van fell towards me, and I managed to catch it hard against my ribs just under my breast.  GOD did that ever hurt.  I was concerned that I'd broken a rib at first, but it's just bruised.  Knocked the air from me, though, and combined with my frustration, I was a blubbering mess for a while.  

It's pretty sore today, but I'm fine with that.  Better than having to work today!
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Am back early from field work.  We finished up everything at the site at about 12 pm, local time, and decided to push through to get home tonight.  Nine hours later, I was in my apartment, winding down to sleep. 

I'm so glad to be back tonight, and here for the weekend.  I have so many plans, the foremost of which is to finish a pink blouse for an online contest.  I also want to work on my apartment some more, getting the bedroom (and my bags of clothes) tidied up, and work on the living room some more.  I also also want to go on an adventure around the neighbourhood this weekend, if the weather is nice. 

Anywho, I need to go to bed.  Still have to work tomorrow, although thankfully I have the work van and can drive to work tomorrow.  \o/
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Got home last night from my first week in the field.  I have mixed feelings about it. 

I'm not all that impressed with my company right now, mostly for how they treat the field techs.  As a field tech, you have to cover all your expenses in the field.  All of them.  And okay, I suppose that's fair enough since it's not like you can call up the company every time you have to buy a bag of ice.  And apparently you can get a company credit card to help with the expenses (although it can take weeks, and the tech training me didn't even have one).  But they're so unorganized that they didn't give me a lot of much needed information.  Like that I need to purchase all my own tools and equipment, and that these expenses will be out of pocket until they reimburse me...3-5 weeks later.  Would've been nice if they'd told me I'd need to put out ~$3000 in the first few weeks.  But then, they have a hard enough time keeping people that this would probably scare them off.  Of course, finding out from the tech your training with while in the field would probably inspire you to quit anyways, so it`s sort of a lose-lose situation.  The lack of communication and proper training is really bothering me here.  One of the top ten things on my requirements for a company that I work for is that they treat their employees with respect. 

Luckily for me, I`m in the office for the next two weeks, so by the time I`m in the field again, I'll be fine.  But man, if they'd sent me out next week, I literally couldn't afford to work.  Which is absolutely ridiculous.

BUT despite this (and a few other things I'm not going into here), I really enjoyed the field work!  It's so nice to get back into the field again.  I mean, there were a lot of frustration involved with locating the monitoring wells that we were sampling groundwater from (one site had them buried beneath ~6 inches of hard, compacted gravel that we had to dig through - my arms are still sore), and the paper work is a nightmare, but I liked it anyways.  I'm going to give the company a fair chance.  I am only starting, after all, and frankly, knowing these things in the field will make me a better Project Manager (the position they're fast-tracking me for) later on.

I will say that 14 hour days are kind of hard (7:30 am - ~9:30 pm, sometimes later), but they didn't seem that bad, really.  You're constantly moving, constantly working, and it's only when you stop to think about it that you get tired, but then you're off again, so it's all moot.  The overtime is going to be AWESOME!

In the mean time, I'm going apartment hunting this afternoon!  :D

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Am leaving to do my first bit of real work tomorrow, and will potentially be gone all week doing sampling.  As in, pack-your-bag-and-be-prepared-to-be-gone-all-week.  Granted, I don't really know for sure, since the two people who were in charge of our training and our scheduling were inconveniently gone all day Friday, so who knows where we're going and for how long.  But at least if we pack for a week away, we're prepared for anything.

I will say I'm a little annoyed by how unorganized they appear to be with new employees.  That said, they're also incredibly busy right now, so I'm going to cut them a little slack and go with the flow for now.  After all, we were basically just reading manual after manual and doing scads of online courses.  This week is when the fun really begins.

I'm excited to do field work again, even if I'm a little concerned about the logistics.  But whatever.  It's going to be good regardless, and I can't wait to actually do something!

Anywho, I should get off the computer, since it's 11:30 pm (my bedtime) and I still have to pack.  Hehehe oops!  I always leave packing to the last minute.  BUT AT LEAST I'M NOT DOING IT IN THE MORNING.  :D

Also, look what I did this weekend!  YAY SEWING!

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Well, I'm a week into this job, and I still don't really know what I'll be doing.  On the other hand, I am now an expert in WHMIS and safety protocol, and am now a first aider (SUPAHERO!), so I can't really complain.

Well, my eyeballs can complain.  THE SAFETY MANUALS.  I DREAM OF THEM.  There's... a lot of them.  lol

Oh well, we're nearly through.  I should be in the field by next week, or maybe even by Friday!

But oh, am I looking forward to the weekend!  I basically haven't sewn since I started this job, and I am going through withdrawals, I swear.  I couldn't even sew last weekend, because I was visiting my Mom.  Not that I'm complaining about that either.  How can you, when there's good company, lovely weather, drinks, and a campfire?  :D
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I'm really tired and I'm not in the mood to babble about my first day, but I figured I should say something or else I wont, and this is supposed to be my journal.  

Anyways, it was pretty good.  Hard to judge right now because all I'm doing is reading reading reading.  Ten bajillion manuals.  And then I have first aid on Monday and Tuesday (all day homg).  But these are just hoops to jump through, and then things will get more interesting.  I will, however, be going to bed earlier tonight (as in, approximately 20 minutes), and I will be stopping for coffee on the way in tomorrow.  NEED MOAR CAFFEINE! 

So much for cutting back on coffee.  Maybe after the EPIC STACK OF MANUAL are read.

One funny part, though.  Mid-afternoon, my eyes were bleary and didn't want to stay open. So sick of reading.  AND THEN BLACKOUT.  While they blame it on a downed power line, I suspect it was actually a tiny bit of chaos from [ profile] copperbadge making its way through the cafe and infecting people.  I mean, he already has The Plague and everyone is sick, why not pass around his sudden chaos powers?

Also, stealing a tag name from copperbadge. :)


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