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Please tell me it's a long weekend and I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  Please? 

*le sigh*

This weekend was way too short.  Probably because I was so drained from last week.  Oh well, it was good anyways.  Got some major organization done on Saturday, along with my laundry. 

Also cooked a tuna casserole, which I was terrified of because it's one of those things that sound disgusting and have the rep of being disgusting, but turned out really good.  And it was quick and easy to make, so bonus.  I'll definitely be added to my regular meal plans.  The best part was the cilantro that I added in lieu of dried oregano.  Seriously, cilantro is my all time favourite herb and I will be putting it in everything I possibly can.  Casseroles, stir frys, salads, ice cream, cake, EVERYTHING.  Mmm...cilantro.

Today I've been just cleaning and tidying.  Best part was my Grandma coming to visit.  Wish the living room had been more tidy when she had, but I know she didn't care.  It was a nice visit, and I'm looking forward to having more people over.

Also, she brought me a plastic tote full of random stuff.  Paper towels, spaghetti spices, scrap paper, canned soup, some fabric I'd left behind, lasagna noodles, and an aloe vera plant.  Random, but useful.  Mostly, anyways.

I've named to plant Lowell, by the way, from a character in a story by [personal profile] maderr .  The character's combination of sweet and strong seems perfect for my new plant buddy!

Okay, I'm off to the store to pick up the ingredients to make cranberry scones tonight, and I think I'll skip cleaning the rest of the living room to get some sewing done.  Wanna do something a bit more fun before the weekend ends!

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This morning, I woke to a freezing cold room and a dark alarm clock.  Hurray power outages.  This is somewhat hilarious because we’ve recently nearly run out of wood, which we burn to supplement the central heat.  Mom and I have been holding off burning the last bit in case there was a power outage and we suddenly found ourselves without heat or wood.

Last night, my Step-Dad decided to make a fire anyways, since we were planning to go out today to pick up some more.

So of course there was no power and little wood this morning in retaliation.  And it warmed up to -28 C. 

We got a fire going with what wood we had left over, and it was enough to get us through until the power came back on around 1 pm.  Yay heat!  And even more so, YAY COFFEE!  It was a fun day, actually.  We all just hung out, and Mom and I played a coup

Now we’ve got a load of wood all ready to go, and the Parents are off visiting some friends.  This leaves me with the place to myself for the night.  One blazing fire, Pride and Prejudice on the big TV, and me relaxing on the couch with a warm cuddly dog, and I am one happy Heather.

This day has reminded me of winters growing up out here.  At our old house, our main heat source was the wood stove, and I remember so many mornings being the first up and having to get the fire going.  Using the washroom sucked before the place warmed up.  While I've missed the wonderful warmth of a wood stove and living in the country in general, I haven't missed those mornings!  :D

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-39 degrees Celsius this morning, and up to -45 with the windchill. 

As a typical Manitoban, I'm equal parts whining and gloating.  :D

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This is really cool.  Portraits of Australian criminals in the 1920's.  I really want to know some of their stories!
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Thevoiceinyourheadjustspedup. The. Voice. In. Your. Head. Just. Slowed. Down. THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD JUST GOT LOUDER. The voice in your head is now normal again.

Heh.  Found on facebook.  Made me laugh like a loon at 4 am when I realized it was totally true.  Also made me laugh like a loon at 10 am and again this afternoon, so figured I'd share here.  ^__^
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Dammit Criminal Minds, are you going to make me tear up every week?

In other news, TV commercials really annoy me.  Well, the things being peddled do.  For instance, Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups?  Sure, let's package a small portion of rice in a disposable plastic cup sold in 2 cup packages wrapped in cardboard.  Then all you have to do is microwave the little cup for one minute, pop the rice onto a plate and enjoy.  Oh, and throw out that little plastic cup.  No don't worry about it, garbage just magically disappears. 

Man, I hate our disposable society.  How bloody short sighted can we be?

The other commercial that I noticed was for Christmas Rice Krispies.  Can we please get past Halloween at least, before you start shoving Christmas down our throats?

*grumpy Heather is grumpy*  Well, not really.  I'm just taking the evening off and watching TV.  :)  I never realized how much I hate both the products being sold and how they sell them.  OMG GERMS KILL THEM ALL EVERYTHING MUST BE EASY DON'T TAKE MORE THAN 3 MINUTES TO MAKE SUPPER THIS PRODUCT WILL MAKE YOU SO POPULAR AND SEXY AND SUCCESSFUL.

Heh alright, I'm done ranting.  Back to watching brainless TV.  :D  (As much as it makes me nervous flying, I love watching Mayday.)

Oh, one final other other news, mostly so I have a record of it.  There's something wrong with the outside corner of my left eye.  It was really dry this afternoon, and I thought something was in it.  But now the upper lid feels swollen, and it hurts a bit to blink.  :(  If it's still hurting tomorrow, I'll head down to the clinic.  I'm off to Denver next week for a conference, and I don't need to worry about an eye problem.


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