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D and I went on a fantastic hike this weekend.  We went up to Mt. Lorne, just south of Whitehorse. 

We hiked up to the ridge and camped next to a snow pack (our water source).  I'm a prairie girl, so topography is a new thing for me.  I've been working on it, and walking up the ramp at the mine has helped a lot.  But oh man, did it ever hurt!  Like I told D, it wasn't bad (where bad=godawful and I never want to do it again), but it was hard.  

Still, once we got up onto the ridge and set up camp, it was spectacular.  There was no bugs, nice cool weather, cuddling and cloud watching in the moss, and a bottle of bubbly that D hauled up there.  Pretty damn romantic, if you ask me.

It took us about 5-6 hours to hike up, and 2.5 hours to get down again.  And honestly, only a hour to walk down the section that took me us over 4 hours to do.

For the last 6 hours, though, I've barely moved off the couch.  OOOWWWWW.  lol


Aug. 6th, 2012 08:56 am
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You know you're a prairie girl in a mountain region when you park on a slight incline and realize you have no idea how to keep your car from rolling down-hill.  After you remember the parking brake, you pray that it still works because the only use for a parking brake in the prairies is for playing in gravel parking lots. 

And then, every once in a while, you check to make sure your car is still where you left it.

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That was a pretty good weekend, despite all sorts of plan changing. 

D and I were supposed to go to his best friend's place to camp overnight before the 4 of us (best friend and his wife) floated down the Yukon River from his place back into Whitehorse, fishing, sight-seeing, and camping along the way. 

Then D's friend and his wife waffled on and on, and then changed their mind Friday afternoon.  Okay fine.  D and I went out for dinner, and then to go see the Frantic Follies with his buddy instead.  Which was so much fun, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!  If you're ever in Whitehorse for a visit, it's worth the cash to go see!  A beer or three and a couple games of pool at the local dive bar rounded out the night perfectly.

So the plan was to just head out to D's BF's place early Saturday afternoon to hang out for the rest of the weekend, having a bbq and chill by the fire.  D and I did our individual shopping and packing, and just as I was about to leave to meet up with D to head out, I got a text saying no hurry.  Turns out, the BF's wife decided that she was having a boring weekend and wanted to go out to this lake about an hour from their place, and did we want to go along to camp overnight?  Uh, no, because we weren't ready to go camping since they'd initially cancelled on us, and it would take a while to get everything together, not to mention a 2 hour drive to get to the lake.  Talk about not relaxing or fun at all.  So we bailed on them.  If you can call it that.

But that's okay, because D and I hung out and made Very Tasty Milkshakes (butterscotch ripple ice cream, ice, milk, vanilla pudding mix, and a healthy cup of coconut rum - YUM), watched a bunch of movies, and then went for a drive and mini hike up a mountain today!  :D  All in all, a good weekend.  Even if it wasn't driving down the Yukon River.

Although I won't be trusting any plans we make with D's BF and his wife anymore.  Geez, how fickle can you be?

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Cripes is it ever hot out. Yes, it get's hot in the Yukon. Keep in mind, we have much much longer days than you in the summer (although we're losing 7 minutes of daylight a day), and it just sort of circles around most of the sky.  Really disorienting to see the sun in the northern sky.

But I digress (as usual); it's bloody hot.  I decided to come out on the patio to work on my laptop, and it's only been like, 30 seconds and I'm dying. The laptop is already almost too hot to touch and I'm vaguely worried about it overheating.  I brought out coffee and chocolate digestives for a snack, but I can't bring myself to touch the coffee and the chocolate is melting.  Like, dripping chocolate everywhere, and I've not even been out here 5 minutes. 

I'm probably burning.  In fact, my left shoulder and arm are already looking pinker than the other side.

Okay, so much for this.  Time to go back inside.
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Ah man, I had a great day yesterday.

Rode into city centre to do some running around, and stopped at a little 50's diner for lunch. Mmm poutine (with real cheese curds too) and chocolate milkshake.  So good, and so damn filling, I could only eat half of the poutine.  I'm definitely going back there, and probably dragging someone in with me to share the tastiness!

Then, as promised, I checked out one of the museums.  Since I was meeting D (formally known as 'the Maybe' and M, and I really don't like using either of those when I'm actually here and trying this thing out - seems disrespectful) at his place to help with some renos, I decided to hit up the transportation museum since it was right across the street for him.  It was pretty cool.  They went through the history and challenges faced by early transportation methods in some of the most rugged and punishing conditions to get through )

I'm glad I went, because it's certainly sparked my interest in the history of the region.  It'll be cool to check out some of the other museums in town.

Heh, but man I almost died  riding D's bike to the museum. HINT: D's place and the museum are at a much higher elevation than my home and city centre.  I'm a prairie girl, we don't do hills.  My legs staged a revolt this morning when I tried biking home.  Wasn't too bad once I got to the downhill section (I've never ridden that fast on a bike in my life!), but getting over the small incline to get to that section was torture!  I am so out of shape, heh.

Alright, time to get moving (despite protest from my legs).  Cheers all!

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Going on an in-town adventure!  Local museums and coffeeshops, here I come!

Let's just hope I don't ride off the curb again.  Heh.
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So, I'm thinking of starting up another blog.  Yes I know, another blog Heather? You barely update this one and haven't touched your sewing blog since May.  But I sort of want to do something Yukon and geology based, one that I don't mind a lot of people visiting and poking through. I don't mind the few people here that reads this journal, but this is very much my personal journal (even if all posts are public), and I'd like to reach a larger audience.  

If there's actually interest in my Yukon experience, and posts about geology stuff.  I'd really like to do an ongoing series on explaining pebbles, what they're made of and how they form. Because who hasn't picked pebbles along a shoreline before.

I like the idea of having an area dedicated to my Yukon experience, and I don't think LJ and DW is really the platform for it.  And also, I miss rocks!  I miss looking at rocks and figuring out what they're made of and how they formed, and I think sharing it in blog format would help me get my head back into it.  I don't know, is this a dumb idea?  Am I just setting myself up for failure?  I'm not a writer, not at all, so what makes me think I can keep up with THREE blogs?!  *headdesk*

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I am in a ridiculous amount of pain.

My shoulder, omg, I can't even pretend it's okay because it's already brought me to tears this morning.  Poor M didn't know what to do with me, just rubbed my back and stayed quiet.  I'm now on advils and will be for the rest of the day, and he adviced I get some A535 to rub on it.

I must've slept on it wrong, or something.  It was a bit tender yesterday, but my god this morning was awful.

Anyways, for some positivity to balance the negative, I had a blast at the mug-bogging races yesterday.  Think of this:
  • Two long parallel trenches;
  • Mud;
  • LOTS of water;
  • Nearby crowds;
  • And a tonne of trucks blazing through the trenches
This all equals MUDDY FUN!  I got splashed at one point, but not nearly as badly as the people lining the fences!  And also: hotdogs, chips, popcorn and cotton candy!  :D

Alright, I'm off to catch the afternoon part of the Canada Day Celebration (HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!).  Missed the pancake breakfast and parade this morning, but got to spend time with M instead, so that was lovely (in spite of the pain).  Have a great day all!
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Aww, my dinner date went really well.  :)  Okay, so dinner was an hour and a half late because I really suck at figuring out cooking times and time management, and also I was dumb and started WAAAY early because I sort of set my watch to Manitoba time. Don't ask me how I wound up late anyways, I totally lost track of time.  I don't even know.

Dinner was pretty good though (even if I really do think that meat looks so gross, but it tasted alright), and then we snuggled watching the romantic movie, Sin City.  Haha yeah.  I'm not a fan of gorey graphic movies, but this actually was pretty good and even funny in places.

But really, the best part of the night was just sitting and chatting.  We're so ridiculously awkward sometimes, but that's okay because we're still feeling things out (and up, haha), and tonight was just great.  :D

Next time though, I'm making KD. 

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I finally got a local number, so now I'm not paying through the nose for every call and text I make.  Unfortunately, I can't actually use my old phone, which pisses me off to no end.  I wound up buying a crappy bottom of the barrel pay-as-you-go-phone.  Which utterly utterly sucks, because my first cell phone (aka, the one that Yukon has rejected) had a full qwerty keyboard, and I got hooked onto texting with it.  Now I'm stuck with a numeric keypad only, and I cannot text on it.  Well, I can, but it's pathetic.  D:

Oh well, it'll do until I can afford to buy something else.  I'll just be over here, sulking over my crappy new phone and gazing longingly at my old one.  :(

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It's 11:30 pm, and the sun has JUST passed behind a mountain.  I'm sure it'll be out from behind it in a couple hours.  THE SUN DOESN'T ACTUALLY SET HERE, JUST HIDES BEHIND MOUNTAINS FOR A BIT BEFORE PEEK-A-BOOING OUT AGAIN OMG SO CONFUSED.

It feel's like it's only about 8 pm right now.  *headdesk*


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