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I just bought a Kobo (ereader thing that's not an Amazon product).  I'm actually pretty excited about this despite my technophobe tendancies and the general pro-book-anti-ereader stance I've generally taken.  I can load all sorts of fic and ebooks that I normally read on my laptop, as well as pdf documents like my knitting patterns!  To be honest, it was the pdf reader thing that won me over.  :D

Now if I could just get this thing synched with my computer...
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My readership is so small, it's hardly worth trying to spread the word on something amazing on it.  But I have to try anyways, because this is amazingly amazing! 

It's a fanvid dedicated to fandom.  All fandom, any fandom, doesn't matter.  Check it out! This made me happy.  :)
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Uh, so we sort of yarn bombed an airplane today!  Check out @yarnbombyukon on twitter for pictures and progress posts!  It was so much fun, and the cumulation of 6 months work by the organizers!
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I think I just bought a car.  

Well, will be buying a car tomorrow.  My brother, who is the best brother in the world, decided to help me purchase one for my move to the Yukon.  It's a loan, of course, and once I'm back on my feet I'll pay him back, but this was a god-send and I appreciate it so much.

So anyways, we were poking around kijiji today and found a few ads we were interested in.  Our requirements was a car with low(-ish) mileage, safetied, and around $1500.  The car we found?  130 000 km, red, expired safety.  BUT, it just expired, is in really good shape, and was listed for $800.  I KNOW RIGHT?!  My brother came with and basically asked all the questions and crawled around in and under the car.  We're pretty sure it's in good enough shape to pass a safety inspection, unless there's something wrong with the brake or fuel line.  It's pretty bare bones, and has a bit of surface rust (that my brother can repair himself), but it starts well and runs smoothly and I THINK I JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR!!!

Oh yeah, I'm 31 years old and only just doing what every 16 year old has done.

Now let's just hope that she doesn't sell it out from under me.

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My first week of unemployment has been really really busy!  Too much so, actually, because I'm behind in applying for jobs.  I'm planning on spending a bit of time this afternoon finishing up one cover letter, and hopefully write the second one tomorrow.

For now though, I'm cleaning my apartment.  I've been slowly plugging away at it, but I'm still way behind.  I wouldn't say that it's dirty (although it is dusty), but I'm a sewist who doesn't like to tidy between projects!  And I'm also a piler, which isn't helping the situation.  I have a list of jobs to do in each room, and that should help me stay focussed.  I get so bored cleaning.

But I discovered that the best thing to listen to while cleaning is Quirks and Quarks on CBC radio.  It keeps my mind busy with interesting sciency things and keeping me from getting bored.  :D

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Just watched the first episode of Sherlock.  Uh, yes please, I'll have some more of that. 

Actually, this came about because I just saw the second Sherlock Holmes movie last night at the theatre, and hell yes that was awesome.  Obviously I need to see the first movie now.  But since I forgot to go rent it, I figured I'd do the next best thing and watch the BBC TV series that I've heard people rave about.

I need to start listening to people when they tell me to see these things, because obviously I'm missing out.

Now bring on the fanfic!  And the original novels, because I also obviously need to re-read them too.

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"Jaybird" by Lauri and Jaakko Ahonen

I need to get my hands on this comic, holy man.  Not only is the artwork great, but the plot and storyline is fascinating (and at times, creepy as hell - there was one scene where I got goosebumps!).  There is so little dialogue, and yet it's so easy to follow along; the storyline just pops.

Go check it out.  It seems like the artist updates frequently.

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Ooo fantastic day all around!

1) SUBMITTED MY FINAL THESIS DRAFT!  It's officially in the University digital library, and I've sent copies away to be bound up all nicely.  I just realized today when I saw the spiral bound copy for my supervisor: I've basically just written a bloody book!  And a brick of a book it is, let me tell you.  222 pages!!!  And I not only had to print out 3 copies of it, but also went through each copy page by page to weed out all of the random blank pages that somehow got included during printing.  So much fun, let me tell you.


3) Way to go NY for the positive marriage equity vote!  I can't imagine how the people there who have fought for this for so long are feeling right now, but congrats!  Seems like it was a worthwhile fight to me.  :)

Good stuff all around!

Touch Wood

Apr. 1st, 2011 11:15 pm
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Reblogged from [ profile] dragongirl16 because it's hella cool.  It's a cell phone ad that's totally sold me, and I hate cell phones.  And ads.

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Banana-flavoured coffee and rice krispie squares are magical.  They helped me solve the statistical error for my data! 

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This is really cool.  Portraits of Australian criminals in the 1920's.  I really want to know some of their stories!


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