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Went camping at SNAFU Lake this weekend, and despite the lack of sleep due to freezing cold nights and way too much smoke in our eyes, we had a great time.  I haven't been camping in years!  We went on a hike yesterday and found a winter trapping line and an old camp site, complete with rusted metal fuel tank and cans.

We stayed in the camp ground, but next time we're going to find a random nice place in the bush with a nice view and set up camp there.  Being woken up at 7 am by the neighbours obnoxious generator was less then pleasant, especially since an hour later we could hear the TV they were watching over the drone of the engine.  Not exactly what I'd call camping. 

We came back early because holy crap cold, and arrived home just in time for a bunch of snow to dump down on us, so yay for a good call there!  Now we're cuddled up in the living room, reaquanting ourselves with our computers.  :D  I think we're going to get the fireplace going tonight and roast the rest of the mashmellows, so hurrah!

Also, I have eaten almost all of the smores, and will finish them up tonight.  Mmmm...smores.
bare_bear: (Uncanny Exclamation) boyfriend asked me to move in with him last night.  In a totally sweet and sappy way that I can't really share, but oh the cheese.  :D  After some brief negotiations of the conditions, of course I said yes!  I was so excited and happy, I couldn't even fall asleep for hours.

This was so unexpected.  I thought it'd be at least next summer before we even started talking about living arrangements, if it was still a possibility.  But now, come Feb 1st (and lets face it, probably earlier) we'll be taking this next big step.  A bit scary, but so good.  :)

Of course, then he sweetened the deal by telling me I could make the spare bedroom into my sewing room.  OMG YES!
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Watching the golden light of sunset, reflecting off of the trees and houses outside our front window.  At 3:50 pm.

The really hilarious part is I remember watching the sun consider approaching the horizon behind those same houses 5 months ago from this same window. At 11 pm.

The North is a beautiful and strange place.


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