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I have achieved wireless!

I bought a router ages a go, and it's been sitting around in the box ever since.  Partially because I'm lazy, but mostly because I wanted a fun name for my router.  This morning, when I walked into my living room and looked around, it finally occurred to me:

Unsubtle birds.

It's the little things.  :D

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I am the most exciting 30 year old out there.  Heh, not.

My Friday night is joyfully being spent watching episodes of Criminal Minds and Sherlock while putzing around with an art project for my livingroom wall.  I picked up a bunch of frames from thrift stores, and painted them all white last weekend.  Tonight I'm mounting fabric and lace inside of the frames. 

I just need to figure out how to arrange it all.  :)

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You know, I really need to stop posting my plans for the day, because I never listen to myself. 

After writing my last post, I read an entry by [personal profile] copperbadge about how he actively works at not being a shut-in.  He goes on all sorts of adventures, and I'm always amused/jealous of his experiences.  And then I realized how much of a shut-in I'm becoming.  So instead of spending the day inside sewing, I hiked down to the Mulvey Flea Market to check out their treasures.

I pass this place every single day on my way to/from work, and I always tell myself I'll go there someday.  That day was (finally) today!  I love digging through places like this.  It's like a treasure hunt!  And boy did I find some treasure.  

Will probably do a post on Sewing on Pins about my treasures, along with my newly re-arranged living room (finally got my old couch sold and taken out of my place, so yay room again!), because the place is looking so awesome now.  Still needs work, but it's coming along.  :)

Anywho, off to sew!

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Please tell me it's a long weekend and I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  Please? 

*le sigh*

This weekend was way too short.  Probably because I was so drained from last week.  Oh well, it was good anyways.  Got some major organization done on Saturday, along with my laundry. 

Also cooked a tuna casserole, which I was terrified of because it's one of those things that sound disgusting and have the rep of being disgusting, but turned out really good.  And it was quick and easy to make, so bonus.  I'll definitely be added to my regular meal plans.  The best part was the cilantro that I added in lieu of dried oregano.  Seriously, cilantro is my all time favourite herb and I will be putting it in everything I possibly can.  Casseroles, stir frys, salads, ice cream, cake, EVERYTHING.  Mmm...cilantro.

Today I've been just cleaning and tidying.  Best part was my Grandma coming to visit.  Wish the living room had been more tidy when she had, but I know she didn't care.  It was a nice visit, and I'm looking forward to having more people over.

Also, she brought me a plastic tote full of random stuff.  Paper towels, spaghetti spices, scrap paper, canned soup, some fabric I'd left behind, lasagna noodles, and an aloe vera plant.  Random, but useful.  Mostly, anyways.

I've named to plant Lowell, by the way, from a character in a story by [personal profile] maderr .  The character's combination of sweet and strong seems perfect for my new plant buddy!

Okay, I'm off to the store to pick up the ingredients to make cranberry scones tonight, and I think I'll skip cleaning the rest of the living room to get some sewing done.  Wanna do something a bit more fun before the weekend ends!

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So happy it's the weekend!  I have so much planned, it's a little ridiculous.  :D  

I've been putting off unpacking my books and stuff until I painted my shelves.  I'm really good at making plans to do things, and then never following through with it.  However, today I picked up some paint from Walmart, and got one shelf painted tonight, plus one coat on my sewing desk. 

I picked a shade of light beige called Autumnal Equinox (what this has to do with light beige I have no idea, but paint names are stupid in general), but it's looking more white to me.  Oh well, it's scads better than the fake wood of the shelves and the chipped-black-paint-over-fake-wood of the desk.  I wanted something light and neutral, that would sort of blend into the wall colour.  The desk is looking really good, now that I have a second coat on the top.  I just hope it holds up to my sewing adventures.

I also have to finish a sewing project this weekend, a pink blouse for a Think Pink sewing contest that ends on Oct 31.  Of course, tearing apart my sewing nook to paint my desk isn't helping all that much, but I'll probably set up my machine on my kitchen table.

Also plan to unpack some more.  And maybe do something for Halloween.  Maybe. 

Anywho, it's bed time for me!  Night all.
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Got everything into my apartment today.  Well, everything that's in the city.  I have a whole lot of stuff stored at my parents place, but that's for another weekend.

I've basically been cleaning like crazy.  Finished off the bathroom.  Turns out that the grey fake grouting between the fake tiles in the linoleum was actually white.  Glad I opted to scrub it too.  Looking down, the kitchen linoleum could also use a scrub, but it's not nearly as bad.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow, so I won't be up much later to work on this place.  I'll just be glad once I get all of my dishes washed and finish cleaning, so I can get down to actually organizing and decorating, which is the best part of moving in.

Last night I got a decent sleep here.  But man was I freaked out early this morning.  Not sure if it's just because I was half asleep, but I could've sworn there was someone walking around in my apartment.  I was pretty freaked out, and was too afraid to move.  After a couple minutes though, I figured out that it was actually the woman in the apartment above me walking around, as I guess her floors are pretty creaky too.  Ah strange sounds in a new apartment.  

Or at least, I think it was the lady above me...


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