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Moving all my crap into D's place today.  Just brought the second load over.  How the heck did all this crap fit into my car in the first place?!  (Because remember, other than a couple small tuppleware containers of yarn, all this stuff came with me on my trip from Manitoba to Yukon.)

Cripes.  I hate moving.
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God I hate packing.  I'm trying to get my crap together for my first fly-in rotation at the mine.  We're supposed to only limit ourselves to 25 kilos luggage for the flight, but I have no idea how I'm going to do that when I have to haul in all my winter gear, heavy winter composite work boots, and all the shit I need while I'm there.

So as usual, I'm procrastinating online.

Don't worry, I'll update while I'm there.  We get internet access in our rooms (if I can find an internet cable...), which is awesome.  Oh, that reminds me, I have to find the cable for charging my ipod.

*sigh*  Okay, back to it.  I guess.  Maybe a cup of tea will help...
bare_bear: (Uncanny Exclamation) boyfriend asked me to move in with him last night.  In a totally sweet and sappy way that I can't really share, but oh the cheese.  :D  After some brief negotiations of the conditions, of course I said yes!  I was so excited and happy, I couldn't even fall asleep for hours.

This was so unexpected.  I thought it'd be at least next summer before we even started talking about living arrangements, if it was still a possibility.  But now, come Feb 1st (and lets face it, probably earlier) we'll be taking this next big step.  A bit scary, but so good.  :)

Of course, then he sweetened the deal by telling me I could make the spare bedroom into my sewing room.  OMG YES!
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Aha, moving I hate you.  Anywho, I've been puttering around my apartment all day, and am actually seeing some progress.  Mostly because I actually concentrated on rooms instead of fluttering around like a daft butterfly.  Bedroom and bathroom are le finis, right down to washed baseboards and scrubbed floors.  Ick, I didn't realize how dirty the little hall's floor was.  Thank you Fantastic!

Am aiming to finish the kitchen and entryway tonight, and then tomorrow is just dealing with all the shit I'm hoping to cram into my poor car, then wash the windows and floor and I'll be done!

I'm so ficken proud of myself though, I took a minute and changed the air filter in my car.  Thank you youtube video tutorials!  It was stupidly easy and I'm glad I opted to install the little $6 filter myself instead of dishing out $26 when I got all of my hot tamales fluids changed.  :D 

The end of my move out, and the start of my road trip and northern life, is in sight guys!  So excited!!

Okay, back to work.  CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!
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I seriously suck at packing.

Despite first planning on being out by the end of last week, and then on Monday, and then on Tuesday, here I am, still packing.  I'm at the crappy part of moving: dealing with all the little shit lying around that you're not sure if you should keep or toss.  This is all compounded by the fact that I'm driving up to the Yukon with most of the worldly possessions that I'm planning on keeping, and that corner of the living room is filling up more than what I suspect I can fit into my car.  It's a wee little thing, I can't fit much in it.

What makes this even worse is that there's a few special things that I'm storing at my Mom and Step-Dad's place, and I was supposed to take them all up this past weekend.  But I keep stumbling across stuff that was supposed to go...and I'm just not willing to give them up yet.  Dammit, why am I so sentimental.  :P

Anywho, let's just hope I can get this place packed up and cleaned by tomorrow, because I really should be leaving by Thursday.  Or maybe Friday.  Uh...

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Procratinating.  Don't wanna pack or deal with anything today.  :(

Anyways, I saw Venus against the sun yesterday!  I met my brother at the Forks and we drank beer on a patio and stared at the sun through geeky cardboard glasses.  After staring a while I could pick out Venus (it was the only stop that stayed constant), but my Bro couldn't see it at all.  He accused my best friend (she sent me the glasses) and I of lying, but then he went off telling me all the facts about Venus that he'd picked up from listening to the radio all day.  :D  I'LL TURN HIM INTO A GEEK YET!

Okay, back to it.
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Okay, quick post is quick. Am going to go watch the Venus transit tonight with my brother (who must plan to miss me because he's coming with me to be a science geek O.o), but before then I HAVE TO GET STUFF DONE OMG.  So to do list of doom:
  • Sort and purge 3 baskets of random paperwork 
  • Sort, purge and pack sewing patterns
  • Organize sewing desk and put away/pack all that crap omg Heather just DO IT
  • Deal with DVD's and other crap on the entertainment shelf.
  • Drink copious amounts of tea
Okay, putting on an old motivational movie, making some tea, and starting from the top.

ETA: 6 pm and I got the first item done. Which is fine with me because it involved a large stack of papers and an entire box of pictures.  DID NOT sort the pictures, but did tidy it up so that it actually fit in a shoebox, along with old letters and cards.  :D  I'm pleased enough.  NOW IT'S BEER AND VENUS TIME!

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I think my apartment has sprung a leak.  It suddenly has a lot of holes in it, with more to come!  I sold a bunch more stuff today, including some other big pieces.  And I started actually packing today.  Designated one corner of my living room (where my couch used to be :() as the Things That Will Be Mashed Into My New Bitty Car zone.  Once I clear it out, the other corner of my living room will be the Things To Go Into Storage AKA My Mom and Step-Dad's Crawlspace zone.  The rest of the place will be the Things To Get Rid Of zone. 

ACK, so much to do.  But at least I've started, which is more than I could say yesterday.  :D

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Well, I've mentioned it before, but again for those not paying attention, I'm moving to the Yukon.  Sweet Jesus in 2 weeks.  Ask me if I've started packing yet, I dare you.  Did I mention that I'm actually trying to be out of my place in a week?  Ho-shit.

Anyways, it finally hit home today that I'm going.  That's largely because my beautiful, wonderful, lovely vintage couch got bought today, and now there's a gaping hole in my apartment.  :(  I'm really sad to see it go.  I really thought that this couch was going to be my forever couch. You know, the adored one you haul along with you where ever you go, and eventually stuff it in the basement with a throw blanket on top to hide the stains and rips because it's just too comfortable to get rid of?  I guess not.  I only had it for 5 months, too.  :( :(

Oh well.  The hole in my apartment has sort of made me face the fact that I should, you know, actually start packing soon.  As in now.

Or maybe I'll just go to bed.  :D

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May be moving to the Yukon in the next few weeks.


Don't even know how yet, especially since my apartment is still fully furnished and haven't even looked into subletting it.  BUT OH WELL IT'LL GET DONE.
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I'm in my new apartment and stealing internets, so sshhhh!  We have to be sneaky! 

Okay, not really, but I'm excited to have internet, no matter how I get it! 

So the new place is gorgeous, and keeps surprising me on it's size.  I've moved a bunch of stuff in, including my bed, a new old couch and chair, so I have places to sleep and places to sit.  Very important in a new place.

Hit the jackpot at the thrift stores today and yesterday, hauling home a couch, wingback chair (they clash against each other horribly, and against the rug I picked up the other day.  It's so awesome.), on tall and one short lamp, a bunch of dishes and bowls and assorted other thingers for the kitchen, and an old scale that I think is from the 50's that's going to match my bathroom beautifully!

But oh, the bathroom.  I lucked out, the kitchen is all re-done, with new appliances.  The downside of this is that I have the original 1950's (pink) bathroom, that is very (pink) rough around the edges, and oh, did I mention pink?  The tub, surrounding tiles, and sink are all this light shade of pink that screams 1950's. 

And if the 2+ hours it took to clean the tiles and tub are any indication, it hasn't been cleaned since then, either. 

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but they were pretty awful.  I wish I'd taken a before and after picture, but I forgot my camera.  :(  Still, it was worth the work, because the tiles are gleaming again, and they actually look quite nice!  I don't mind the pink at all, especially if I do the black accents that I'm considering.  The best part, though, was finally having the shower I've been lusting for all day.  There was no way I was going in that thing before it was thoroughly scrubbed.

Anywho, I'm to bed.  So pooped.  And so much to do tomorrow.  While I adore moving in, moving truly is for the birds.
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As some of you may have heard when I spazzed out on twitter (and maybe a couple personal texts), I GOT THE APARTMENT!  The 'smaller', 'less character' apartment.  Which, after doing the walk-through and receiving the keys tonight, I realized was a crock of crap.  This place is WAY bigger than I remember it being, and there's lots of characteristic features (high ceilings, crown molding, hardwood, 'vintage' (aka pink) bathroom designed in the '50's, interesting features in the kitchen, and huge windows with super wide window sills!  I'm in love with the place, seriously!

Basement creeps me out, though.  *shutters*

Anywho, yes I did say that I did the walk through and got the keys tonight.  Found out it was mine this afternoon, then started moving in this evening!  :D  I definitely don't take my time with things when I set my mind to it, that's for sure!  I'm so excited to get in there.  

My only real concern is financial.  I mean, I have more than enough to cover rent and get situated in there, but I leave for another week of field work week after next, and I need cash to cover expenses until they reimburse me.  I was hoping to have my insane amount of overtime from the last field work on this cheque, but it wasn't.  Now I'm just hoping that my expenses from last time get reimbursed before I go.  *crosses fingers*  Otherwise, I may be asking family for help again, and I don't want to do that.

Anywho, enough about that.  I need to go to bed.  Was hoping to get things packed tonight, but I'm just pooped.  Oh well, I'll get up early tomorrow and toss everything into garbage bags!  :D
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I just bought a rug.  It's pretty, burgundy with blue and cream and green flowers around the edge and middle, with tassels on either end.  The tassels may have been what won me over.  It's lovely, and didn't cost me much money (yay kijiji!).  I'm kind of hoping it's magical and I can ride it to work on nice days!

Seriously, I hope so badly that I get this apartment.  The more I think of it, the more I want it, and I can barely remember the other place anymore.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  I wanna move next weekend!  :D
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Had a terrific weekend!  Apartment hunting on Saturday (which seems ages ago).  Got out to my parents place for Thanksgiving yesterday, during which my brother, step-sister, and I watched the first (seasonal) Jets game.  Dinner was, of course, fantastic, and my wild rice and cream sauce dish (my Great-Grandmothers recipe, actually) was a hit, even to those unfamiliar with it.  Discussed being part of a committee to take care of our family cemetery with my Grandma over dinner (a place that is very important to us, since we're related to everyone in the place).  Spent today chilling with family and playing scrabble.  Got home this afternoon, and managed to meet up with the caretaker of the apartment I'm interested in renting to drop off my application and deposit.  *crosses fingers* 

The crazy part is, if I do get this place (and I'll find out in a couple days), I can move in as soon as this weekend.  Oh man, I hope I get this place, even if it means being stuck paying rent sooner than expected.  *crosses everything*

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Went apartment hunting yesterday.  I technically saw 4 places, but three of those were in the same apartment block. 

The first place that I saw was close-by, and in an area that I grew up in.  It's got lots of neat little shops and coffeehouses, as well as a bowling alley and an independent theatre within a couple minutes walk.  Despite the other place being in an area of town that I love, I think I like this area to live in more.  The apartment itself isn't anything spectacular: good size kitchen with new appliances, decent sized living room and bedroom with hardwood floors, several closets and a storage locker downstairs.  It's on the main floor too, which I'm pleased about.  Big windows which lights up the entire place in natural light (which the other place didn't have), and huge windowsills.  The downsides are that I hate the linoleum in the kitchen, bathroom, and entrance way, the bathroom is pink, and not in the nice way that my bathroom in Kingston was, the windows face the next door apartment (although the space between is quite nice, and the building is white so it reflects light well), the windows are gungy and old, it has white walls throughout, and there's not really a space for my sewing stuff. 

I fell in love with the second place (and the first of the three in the same block); it had so much character and interesting features (high ceilings, old woodwork trim, glass cubes above the door, lots of storage, claw-foot tub, hardwood floors throughout, etc), and the current tenants has done it up beautifully.  I loved their paint choices (orange, green and blue - different rooms, of course, and it looks awesome)!  And I used to live in the apartment right next door, so I know the area well.  Sadly, there's a lot of competition over it, and I'm not sure if I'd get it.  Plus I'd have to miss work for an hour or so to apply Tuesday morning, and I can't justify that.  I chose to attend an open house at that block later in the day to see what else they had, but I was a little put off by the condition of the apartments and the landlord, and didn't feel that instant love.  

Despite all of it's downfalls, and my overwhelming love of the second place, I've decided to try for the first place.  I like the area more, it's a decent apartment with a nice living space (if I ignore the ugliness), it's bright, and it'll work well for me.  Plus it's directly on the bus route, so no 10 minute walk in poor weather! 

Now I just hope I can get the place.  *crosses fingers*
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I've just spend the morning (and a good part of the early afternoon) reading Charitable Getting by Sam Starbuck, and despite never having been involved in the non-profit sector - or even worked in an office environment (yet) - I am thoroughly enjoying the book.  Even if I keep shaking my head at the references to the authors own life.  :D  It's a funny read and I just want to keep reading, despite having Things To Do this afternoon.

For instance, I'm moving house.  Well, sort of.  I'm packing up my things and going to stay with another friend.  I feel a little bad, abandoning this place, but my hosts have been spectacular (despite one of them being out of country again), and I know they're going to have company again, and I kind of feel like I'm going to (or have?) wear out my welcome.  So pack up I must, and I want to tidy up the place before my one remaining host returns. 

Ugh, hate packing.  Would rather be reading.  :)

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Don't have much time so will be short.  Decided (this morning aka 11:30 am) to go back to Kingston ON to finish up my thesis.  I leave on Sunday. 



Am Here!

Dec. 11th, 2010 09:54 am
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Am back in Winnipeg.  Train ride was amazing and I totally want to do it again.  Maybe taking the other half of it from Winnipeg to Vancouver.

Off to try to track down my ride.  Have been here since 6 am despite a 8 am arrival time.  Holy man, totally was not late like I expected.
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Cripes, I can't even describe the last couple weeks.  Let's just summarize, yeah?
  • Packing and sorting and cleaning?  Took much longer than expected.  Enough so that I actually paid 2 extra days rent (I felt bad) to finish.  Moving truly is for the birds.  But it got done and the Lords were quite impressed.  So much so that he told me that I was an excellent tenant and that I'd have a good reference whenever I'd need it.  \o/
  • Stayed with a couple friends the last 2 nights in Kingston.  They had a bunny!!!  So much cuteness, I'm kind of considering getting one.  Someday.  Maybe.
  • So bloody sad to leave Kingston.  As much as I can't wait to see family, I'm not that excited to move back in with the parents.  I guess that's me, finally feeling like an adult.  At 29 years old.  :P
  • Also going to miss all the awesome people I've met here.  :' (
  • BUT!  I got to spend the last 6 days (come tomorrow) hanging out with my best friend in Toronto, which has been fun and very relaxing (even if I have been trying to finish off Chapter 3 (no it didn't get finished before moving.  woe) and doing the edits on Chapter 1).  We've watched movies and played games and drank lots of wine and some beer and "worked on assignments". 
  • Leaving tomorrow on a train back to Winnipeg.  Leaves at 10 pm on December 9, and arrives in the morning on the 11th.  :D  SO EXCITED!
That's about it.  Well, that's all I can think of right now.  So many fun things, and I can't even think of them right now.  The exhaustion probably isn't helping.

Tomorrow though?  Gonna involve more packing (or repacking, as it were), chilling out here, then heading downtown to drop off my bags and go on a sushi hunt.

Such a boring, unfunny post, but I figured I should update for my own sake.  :)
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Giving up on packing (for now) and am headed out for drinks with the girls.  Sadly, my organizational skills sucks, because I totally didn't realize it was Grey Cup tonight, so of course the bars are going to be packed with football fanatics.  IN FACT, we are starting at a place that is indeed called Fanatics. 

Should be fun.

Actually, it probably will be!  Like any sport, I don't mind football with a group.  Err...American (or Canadian! :D) football, for those international readers.  The only problem I have is that the Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing tonight, and they are the sworn enemy of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  But I'd rather see the cup go to a prairie team than an eastern team like the Montreal Alouettes.  I band together with our buddy Saskatchewan on principle at any other time, so I guess I'm figuratively wearing green tonight (I'm actually wearing burgandy, but that's besides the point).

Although honestly, I'm there for the beer. 

Or chocolate martini.


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