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I got a job offer today!  It's for the job I was talking about before.  I'm, but I've been freaking out and conflicted since yesterday.

My M.Sc. supervisor and a former prof were in town for meetings with an environmental consulting company, and arranged for me to meet one of the people there.  I went down for a 'chat' and had a 2.5 hour interview.  The company, my god, I think that it'd be perfect as a consulting company.  They do the kind of work that I thought I'd be doing, but learned that most places don't.  They were excited by my thesis research because they use a lot of the (non-standard) methods I used and they emphasize passive and in-situ remediation methods, which I'm passionate about.  They seem really eager to hire me too...but they won't even know if they have the budget until January, and admitted that they take a long time to hire.

I don't have the time for that.  My EI ran out last month, and I'm running on financial fumes right now.  I wasn't even sure how I'd pay for Jan rent.

And then there's all the reasons I didn't want to take a consulting company that's only now starting to come back to me (everything got blown away by the awesomeness of the work).  There's the fact that I want to be able to leave my work at work (although I should say that I'm fine with some overlap), that I think 2 week rotational shifts would be great for my lifestyle right now (allow me to get home to visit family on my time out, have guilt-free sewing days, and not to mention allowing D and I time apart to work on our communication skills, etc), and the exercise that will come with the underground portion of the job, instead of a lot of sitting at a computer.

So I'm taking the mine job, but I'm going to keep in touch with the consulting company.  Because who knows, I may hate it at the mine, or they may not think I'm a good fit, and after a couple months, the consulting place will know if they can/want to hire me, and I'll know more about what I want to do.


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Still no word about the job.  They were checking my references on Friday though, so I'm choosing not to panic.  The self-doubt is starting to creep back in, but I'm beating it down with excessive knitting.

Speaking off, I am working my butt off trying to get all of my Christmas gifts done.  I have to have everything mailed out by next week if I want them to get home in time.  I'm thinking I might just have to put it off a bit longer and then pay for express shipping, but we'll see.  I've trimmed down my list to immediate family and closest friends only this year, so the work-load has lightened considerably, but I still have a ways to go.

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned it, I'm staying in the Yukon for Christmas.  This will be my first time away from family for the holidays, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle this.  Not sure how my Mom's going to either, because even my brother is stuck working and won't be home for Christmas morning.  I feel really really bad.

Hense why I'm trying to make something special for everyone.  Cross your fingers for me, that I get it all done!  Because I have two toques, a mate to the mitt I just finished today, and possibly another cowl because I can't for the life of me find the one I finished up ages ago.  :P

(Still need to find a knitting icon)

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So, the job interview today.  It went really well!  I actually walked out of there knowing that I got the job!  That's a little arrogent, I know, but I have a really good feeling about this.  And it's exactly what I want.  They know my extensive background, including the M.Sc. degree in environmental geochemistry, and they want to incorporate that in as well as the geology work.  OMG I WANT THIS JOB!


We'll see.  I should hear back from them in the next few days, so I'm sure I'll flail all over the internet if I get it, and whine all over it if I don't.  :D

(Appropriate icon is appropriate)
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This morning was a bit of a rollar coaster of an emotional ride.  Glad the worst of that one is over.

Wait, let me backtrack a bit. 

(This is extremely long because I needed to organize my thoughts and get this out of my head.  Long bit behind the cut, short story below.)

As I've said (oh so numerously) before, I'm looking for work... )

So, really long story short: after a really (really) long job hunt, a lot of networking at a local geoscience trade show, and an anxiety attack this morning over the concept of doing more job hunting and networking, I have an interview tomorrow morning for a geo tech position at a Yukon mine!  Work I don't mind doing (yay rocks!), and in a place where I could possibly move into environmental down the road.  At a mine who has impressed me with their policies and practices.
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So I kind of got stood up for my meeting with the guy from Faro. He was supposed to email me last week to let me know when we could meet up when he flew into town yesterday, but didn't.  I'm not going to stress out since I understand that things come up, but it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

And then I got an email late yesterday from the place I applied to on Friday, asking me to expand on my resume by answering a bunch of questions.  :D  Although there's things like "why are you looking for employment right now?" and I need to find a more creative answer than "I need money to pay for my astronomical student debt".  Or possibly not.  

I'm not counting the Faro job out right now, because I'd love to work on that project, but I need to be realistic.  That job would require a 4 hour commute and life in two separate towns, never mind scary roads, gas cost, and wear and tear on my car.  The other job is in town, and is entry level so providing me with the excellent experience that I need.

Oh, and a position opened up at one of the fly-in mines in the territory, and I think I'll send them off a resume, just in case.

We'll see what happens.  I'm just amazed by what's happening, since I had just about given up finding anythign relevant until the spring.  :D
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I came across a job posting late last night that I am fully qualified for!  Set a goal to get an application sent off by 2 pm today, and lo! managed to accomplish it with a half-hour to spare!  It's a position in town here, and the standard 40 hour week type job. 

The funniest part is I've been searching all summer for jobs that I'm qualified for, and everything has required way more experience than I currently have (as in 5+ years relevant experience).  When I finally give myself permission to give up and get any sort of job until the industry starts hiring again in the spring, I stumble across two that could work.  Not that I'm holding my breath or anything, but it's still pretty funny.  :)  We'll see what comes of it.

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Got a call-back about the Faro job.

Excuse me while I go shreek with joy.  :D :D :D  \o/  :D

Is this the first call-back I've had?  Oh yes sir it is!  And it's a position I desperately want too.  Because it's not just lab work, it's for an environmental coordinator position.  AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

And of course I was my usual awkward self on the phone.  The fact that my crappy crappy phone kept cutting out so I couldn't hear him very well didn't help.  Hopefully I'll get over the awkwardness by next week, when I'm meeting up with the guy for an interview.  *fingers crossed*

OMG YAY!!  Now I just need to impress this guy and make him realize how awesome I'd be in this position.  :D

Also, I have no icon that expresses my complete and utter joy sufficiently.  :P
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Ugh, not well. My roommate has been sick all day with really gross stuff, and now I'm up at 2 am (and all the time between 10 pm and now) with really gross stuff.  Ugh, bad stomach, stop doing this.

The good news (I hope), is that I might have the bead on a job. When I went to Faro last week (awesome trip btw. Gorgeous country), I first went on a tour of the big giant reclamation site there (seriously, largest mining mess in the country) and then met someone who works there, and she's helping me try to get a job.  Apparently the lab there is hiring chemists, and the woman is giving my resume to the person who counts there.  She even fb friended me and then told me her supervisor was interested in my resume.  So fingers crossed. *crosses fingers* 

I'm trying not to get my hopes up though, and there'd be some serious logistics to work out.  I mean, the place is 4 hours away!  But hopefully something good will come out of it.  The site is fascinating, and I'm eager to get involved with the project.

But seriously, I really need to get to sleep.  Because the boss-man will be receiving my resume tomorrow, and I want to stick to my phone all day and not be close to death by grossness.

Btw, your welcome for the vague but imagination-inducing description of how I'm feeling. :D

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I have hit the job hunting doldrums.  No response to anything I've sent out.  No desire to send out more (doesn't seem much point, no one is interested).  Not doing a heck of a lot otherwise.

Well, except for knitting.  I've been doing a lot of that.

Cut for omg boring life is boring cripes. )

I'm sure you all appreciated hearing about my laundry.  My life has been a little dull lately.

Well, that's not really true, I just haven't had the energy to blog about it.  I do still have some interesting coloured bruises from a mountain biking adventure last weekend.  :D

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Was coming here to write up a post of the low I hit today while job hunting.  But then I looked at my journal and saw that it's mostly just negativity lately, and that's not really good. Seems I mostly post when I'm frustrated or sad or upset about something; the happy times don't get posted as often.


It's Canada Day long weekend, and while I'm mostly on my own as the Maybe has a bunch of plans that I can't quite crash (except for a date tonight - YAY!), I'm planning on joining in on Whitehorse's Canada Day Celebration, starting with a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning and ending in a music festival at night. I'm also going to go for a hike tomorrow (although I guess I should pick up some bear spray and a map). AND YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO HEAR ABOUT IT!  *CACKLES*

So whatever, negative Heather.  Your stories are not going to dominate this journal!

(Although to be fair, it's my journal and I can bitch if I want to. I just want some more happy to dilute the bitch. :D)
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I don't know what it is, but this round of resume and cover letter preparation and job searching is much easier than last summer.  I was so dishearted back then.  And yet, after getting fired from a job, I'm feeling much more optimistic and stronger this time.  I suspect it has to do with having a better idea of what I want...and what I don't.

Which is kind of awesome, actually.  :D
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Had a nice weekend not thinking much about the future.  Or trying not to. Everyone I talked to kept asking me what I planned to do now, but I just told them I'm not thinking about it much this weekend.

On Saturday I went to a stitch-and-bitch with a few friends of a friend, and it was nice to chill with new people.  Well, other than the fact that I dumped my drink all over the hosts couch, but luckily it didn't stain.  *facepalm*  Can't take me anywhere, apparently.

Then my brother and I took my Grandma out for dinner for her birthday.  It was nice, and I'm glad I could spend the time with them for a few hours.  My poor brother is so worried about me, and wouldn't let me help pay for dinner since I'm now jobless.  

But you know, I'm not that worried.  I have a good feeling that things will work out.  It may not be what I originally planned, but my plans rarely pan out the way I thought, and I don't normally put much stock into them because of it.  :)

For now, I'm parked in my favourite local coffee shop, tweaking my resume, writing cover letters, and looking up job opportunities.  Wish me luck all!
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Okay, so you know that job interview I did on Tuesday? 

I got a call this morning (in the middle of brushing my teeth - when I had a mouthful of frothy toothpaste too) with a job offer.


Heh.  Okay, it's worn off a teeny tiny bit, enough that I can write a somewhat coherent post.  Actually, the job I've been offered is better than the one I applied for.  I'd originally applied for a technician job, where I'd basically only be taking samples and doing other grunt work.  I am definitely over-qualified for it, but since it's in the oil and gas field and I'm trained in the mining field, I figured it would be a good way of getting my foot in the door and get experience in oil and gas remediation.  But they were very impressed with my resume and recognized that I was better suited for something else.  They're starting me off as a Junior Professional (??!!), and (provided I don't completely suck) will move me into a Project Manager position later on, one I have more field experience.  Because I am doing field work still, but with training towards this higher position. 

I'll just be over there, flailing a bit.  :D
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Job interview went well.  Really well. 

I think. )
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So my interview is tomorrow, and I'm trying not to panic.  Actually, that's not really accurate, because I'm not really panicking at all.  So long as I finish up my research today (learning more about the company, refreshing my brain on oil and gas remediation methods, and the pay rate I should expect for this position) and do some thinky on general interview questions, I should be fine. 

I just keep thinking that I should be panicking, and I'm vaguely worried that I'm not.

Then again, I wrote and defended my thesis not that long ago, and if I can do that, I can do an interview.  And honestly, all I can do is my best, and if that's not enough for them, then I just keep looking.  If I don't get the position, I'm not going to cry in my coffee over it.

ACTUALLY, the only thing I'm really panicking about is what I'll wear to the interview!  I've already decided to wear a dress I made a while ago, but I've put off hemming it, and I need to finish that tonight.  Hence, panic!  lol

I think I need to find some new icons.  I'm tired of the ones I have.  Wonder if it's worth paying (eventually) for more icons.  Hmm...
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Missed two consecutive calls on my cell phone today.  Redialing the number, I found out that it was from a company in Winnipeg that I applied with.  Actually, it was the only entry level position I've come across so far. 

Was in mid-freakout about missing the call, when I checked my email.  Sure enough, they emailed me about coming in for an interview next week. 


This doesn't mean anything though, and I've got to keep my hopes from getting up too high.  It's not even in the field I want to be working in, which no one I tell seems to understand that oil and gas remediation =/= metal mining remediation, but it's experience.  And it's not a geology job in a remote fly-in camp, which was going to be my next option (despite desperately not wanting the job type or the lifestyle).

The hardest part of this is, if I get this position and stay in Winnipeg, I think I'm kissing the big maybe surrounding a guy I've been circling for a while good-bye.  He's in the Yukon and not willing to move, and we've already proved we can't do long distance.  I'm looking into work there as well, but there's less than nothing in my chosen field right now, and I really don't want to do fly-in camps.  Although maybe in the spring when the industry is hiring for summer work...

Meh, that's a post for another day.  For now, I'm keeping the excitement about getting an interview going, because how awesome is that?! 

Now I just need to research oil and gas remediation, and try not to completely bungle the interview.

And finish sewing my interview dress!  :D
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Had a bit of a nervous breakdown the other day. )

Anyways, I'm going to keep on keeping on, sew to relax, and job hunt during the day.  My goal for the weekend is to look into a few more companies and get my cover letters written up for them.  And of course, sew!  :D

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Am back in my hometown for a bit of relaxation and positivity, and a much needed dose of my Mommy (oh yeah, at 30 years old, I am still Mommy's little girl).  Was getting way too down in the city.  I love my Grandma and Uncle, but the negative attitude and poor outlook on life was not helping me stay positive for job hunting.

Because that's what I'm doing right now, looking for work.  Even in my very active and thriving field of work, it's hard to find employment.  As an entry-level professional, I'm looking for work at the wrong time of the year.  Most places do their hiring in the spring for summer field programs, or the fall.  I've barely started looking and I'm disheartened already.

Oh well.  Just going to have to start submitting my resume in the generic job pools most companies have on their sites, and make some cold calls.  Ick.

Would help immensely if I knew where I was willing to work.  Am considering moving to the Yukon because of one fucken guy who I'm sort of crazy about, but I don't really want to leave Manitoba.  But there's really no work in my field in Manitoba, so that may be moot point anyways, unless I'm willing to do oil and gas remediation.  Considering that I've spent 2 degrees and 9 years avoiding anything that has to do with oil and gas, that would really suck.

Okay, I'm done venting (for now).  Back to cover letter writing.  Yay.
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Ack, I've been staying at my Grandma and Uncle's place since I got back to Manitoba, and haven't really been online all that much.  A few quick hours a day, mostly dealing with email stuff and job hunting (and cover letter writing research - my goodness are they ever hard to write).  I keep thinking of things I want to babble about, but then don't get it down before it's sort of too late.  I'm so behind on all of my internet stuff, honestly. 

*le sigh*  Woes of an internet addict.  lol!

Anywho, I have managed to get a bit of sewing in since coming back.  Wrote up a post on a summer dress I recreated from a RTW (ready-to-wear aka store bought) dress that I adored, but was too short for me.  Really proud of myself on that one, since I made up the pattern based on some sketches and a few quick measurements of the original dress!

I also made up a tutorial on how to tea-dye material (such as the lace I used on my summer dress).  There's a giveaway on that post for the lace I dyed in the tutorial, so if you're interested in winning a length of antique-looking lace (it's very pretty), head on over there and leave a comment!  I'll be making the draw this Friday.  (If you have problems posting a comment, let me know).

Right now, I'm just chilling at Starbucks, working on a cover letter and looking up jobs.  Man, I hope I can find something quick.  I really don't want to mooch off of my family any longer than I have to (although I am trying to help with the cleaning as much as possible as a pseudo-payment.  I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my family to help me out right now).

Anywho, back to writing!  This is disturbingly like writing my thesis, only worse because I have to say Positive Things about myself.  Yay teeth pulling!


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