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Ill-advised drinking on a Wednesday night with a friend, yes/yes? OH FUCK YEAH. Went for drinks after work with some work friends, which quickly went to discussing our shock over one of my co-workers and the only person left that I started with at my job getting canned today after her 6 month assedssment.  Fuck me, now we all think we'll be fired.  I can't blelive it.

Anyways, then another friend an I, who I also work with but who I instantly connected with (and who not only lives down teh street from me but is also banging my brothers roommate - fucken small world eh) went to my favourite pub for MORE beers, and now I'm fucked for work tomorrow. so fucked. but whatever, it was fun.  :D

Okay I"m to bed. ANIGHTY NIGHT!

Fuck I think I'm going to be fired soon. Fuck.
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jSo, 2 friends of mine have defended today; one defended her masters thesis, and the other one defended her PhD proposal/comps.  Since the latter is in Toronto, sadly I cannot drink with her in celebration, but I will have at least one drink in her honour.  Which is sad because she's my best friend, but I will drink in celbration with her when I MOVE IN WITH HER in December wen I am homeless. 

I should probably tell her that sometimes soon.

ANYWAYS, I have been drinking pretty much all afternoon with the other one, who finished her masters thesis.  Mmm...uh perhaps a few too many, and we haven't even made it to her defense party NOR her afterparty downtown.  BUT IT'S FIUN and I decided to just enjoy the day and celebrate with her.  gonna miss her because she was the fun crazy friend here.


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Oh man, it's been ages since I've gone out dancing and drinking.  NOT going to do the long drunken post, but I needed to say, I need to go dancing more.  Although maybe not right when all the undergrads arrived in town.  Oh man, overrun by ickle fickle undergrads.  Should've gone a couple weeks ago.

Okay, bed time.  :)

DEFINITELY feeling better.  :D
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There are days when I curse to high heaven that I've come back to do a Masters in a degree I'm really not sure is appropriate for me.

And then there are days like today, when a lunch at the local Grad Club turns into 4 hours of drinking beer and chatting with others on the patio, Grad school doesn't seem that bad.  I mean, this time next year, I'll either be working my ass off in the field or stuck in an office. 

Of course, when tomorrow rolls around and I'm stone sober again, I'm sure I'll have a panic attack over all the crap I didn't get done this week.  But right now?  Feeling gooood.  :D
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jomg so drunks.  had a good time at the grad club babbling with a friend and lost at geo-jeopardy and had way too many beers.  started at 2:30 in the afternoon and the cookies i baked last night taste SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD right now.  here, let me find the link.

oh damn it it's not working right now.  anyways, it's through and it's called soft chocolate chip cookies II.  omg so amazing, I brought some to school, and people couldn\t get enough so try them.  mmm, almost tastes like shortbread cookies but better.

ohhhh think i'm passing out.  so drunk.  okay, i'm eating another cooking and puttin gon my pjs and hauling out my bedding for the couch becase I haven't seen criminal minds yet nad it looks good.  i'll porobably pass out in 3 minutes and then feel super embarassed for this tomorrow but I DON'T REGRET IT SO MUCH FUN TONIGHT, no matter how stupid i look or sound.  :D :D :D



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