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Still no word about the job.  They were checking my references on Friday though, so I'm choosing not to panic.  The self-doubt is starting to creep back in, but I'm beating it down with excessive knitting.

Speaking off, I am working my butt off trying to get all of my Christmas gifts done.  I have to have everything mailed out by next week if I want them to get home in time.  I'm thinking I might just have to put it off a bit longer and then pay for express shipping, but we'll see.  I've trimmed down my list to immediate family and closest friends only this year, so the work-load has lightened considerably, but I still have a ways to go.

Oh, in case I haven't mentioned it, I'm staying in the Yukon for Christmas.  This will be my first time away from family for the holidays, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle this.  Not sure how my Mom's going to either, because even my brother is stuck working and won't be home for Christmas morning.  I feel really really bad.

Hense why I'm trying to make something special for everyone.  Cross your fingers for me, that I get it all done!  Because I have two toques, a mate to the mitt I just finished today, and possibly another cowl because I can't for the life of me find the one I finished up ages ago.  :P

(Still need to find a knitting icon)

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Press Ctrl and F, type in 99 and then press “Highlight all”.

Ganked from this person on tumblr.
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So, the job interview today.  It went really well!  I actually walked out of there knowing that I got the job!  That's a little arrogent, I know, but I have a really good feeling about this.  And it's exactly what I want.  They know my extensive background, including the M.Sc. degree in environmental geochemistry, and they want to incorporate that in as well as the geology work.  OMG I WANT THIS JOB!


We'll see.  I should hear back from them in the next few days, so I'm sure I'll flail all over the internet if I get it, and whine all over it if I don't.  :D

(Appropriate icon is appropriate)
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This morning was a bit of a rollar coaster of an emotional ride.  Glad the worst of that one is over.

Wait, let me backtrack a bit. 

(This is extremely long because I needed to organize my thoughts and get this out of my head.  Long bit behind the cut, short story below.)

As I've said (oh so numerously) before, I'm looking for work... )

So, really long story short: after a really (really) long job hunt, a lot of networking at a local geoscience trade show, and an anxiety attack this morning over the concept of doing more job hunting and networking, I have an interview tomorrow morning for a geo tech position at a Yukon mine!  Work I don't mind doing (yay rocks!), and in a place where I could possibly move into environmental down the road.  At a mine who has impressed me with their policies and practices.
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Went to a Halloween party on Saturday night with D's hockey team, and oh cripes I was pretty gone.  Had less than 4 beers, but I was addicted to the jello brains, and I suspect there was a lot of alcohol in it.  Could've also been the shots one of the big guys kept handing around.

So obviously I spent all of yesterday on the couch hungover.  It was great. 

(Not really)

Anyways, I had to go pick up my car since there was no way either one of us was driving and the party was only about a 20 minute walk from my place.  I refused to go yesterday, but I had to today since Quiet Roommate was flying back today on the 12:00 Vancouver flight and I'd promised to pick her up.

It is gorgous outside!  Mild temps, and we've had 3-4 inches of snow since Saturday night!  Everything is drapped in a blanket of snow.  I enjoyed watching a couple magpies playing in a snow covered tree until the fuckers dumped a bunch of snow on my head.  I've always hated magpies, it was nice of them to show that they're just as much the assholes that their Manitoba cousins are.

Still, it was a pretty walk, I'm glad I did it today.

Of course, then Quiet Roommate wasn't on the 12:00 flight.  I've texted her a few times, but I haven't heard anything from her.  Not sure what happened, but now she can take a cab home.
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I knew I was going to pay for the two back-to-back soccer games today.  My body aches.  My thighs are tired, as evident by my last pathetic attempt to go up the stairs (and I have a wicked round bruise mid-thigh from a hit I took there while in net).  But worst is my left shoulder/neck area.  Don't know how I managed it, but it's the same spot I've had trouble with it in the past.

So now I'm perched at the kitchen table, job hunting with a heat pack on my neck.  I keep moving it around though because there are other spots that hurt too.  :D  

But you know, it was totally worth it.  Last night was so much fun, and my stamina in the field is increasing.  I'm not going in for subs nearly as often as I have before.  Yay for me!

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Had soccer tonight at 8:15, and for a couple minutes there, I thought we weren't going to have enough to first field a team, and then field a team with no subs.  But then our team trickled in and we were good.  I'm so loving this league!  I've learned tonight that I'm getting pretty good at defense, and people keep telling me that I'm always in the right spot.  YAY!  Strangely, watching D play hockey helps a lot, because I'm starting to spot holes and where people need to be.  I'm pants at accepting passes and I can't kick and aim to save my life (or the game), but I'm good at getting in front of the ball and in the way of other players.  And I'm getting good at goal.  I have my team to thank for that!  They're into the game, but a bit more chill about it than other teams, and willing to teach newbies as we go.

That was spelled out clearly to me tonight, because I stuck around and subbed in the next game since one of the teams was short players.  They are definitely more intense and less helpful.

And oh goodness am I in pain now.  Doesn't help I was running late and didn't stretch enough.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting.
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Got some decorations up outside, the outdoor light on, and a bowl of candy stashed up on the highest shelf to keep my fingers out of it until the kids arrive!  I haven't given out candy in years, so I'm super stoked.  Of course, one of my neighbours said that not many neighbours in our complex give out candy anymore, and they only get about 10 kids a year, but what ever, I can't wait!

Of course, it'd be more fun if I didn't have soccer at 8:15 tonight.  :(  But considering the amount of parents on our team, I don't think it's fair for me to bail.  

Oh well. Time to find a Halloween special on TV and work on my sewing project while I wait for kids.  LETS DO THIS HALLOWEEN THING!
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Today was a much, much better day.  Right after writing that post yesterday, D convinced me to come over, despite my threats to cry on him.  Good man, D.  Anyways, he put on one of my favourite shows (Top Gear UK) and cuddled with me for a while before going to bed.  Cuddled some more this morning.  Put on a movie I wanted to see (The Hulk) and left me to knit on the couch while he worked on a project in the basement. 

We may not communicate well verbally all the time, but we're good at more quiet forms of communication, and I can't forget that.

I came home this afternoon to wash up my soccer gear before our game this evening, and thoroughly enjoyed a pot of tea.  The game was great and a lot of fun.  I was cramping up like crazy from running, but I was running a lot more than when we started, and I'm pleased about that.  I'm also less afraid of the ball, and my team is getting good at passing the ball around and talking to each other on the field.  I'm super glad that D recommended this league, because I love it.

D was playing hockey right after my game in the rink next to the soccer pitch in the Games Centre, so I went over to watch.  Not such a good plan, considering that I was sweaty and gross, and sitting in a cold rink gave me a chill, but as usual it was fun to watch.  Except that poor D's team got their asses handed to them, and got a bunch of time-outs for mouthing off to the Refs after play.  Still was fun to watch!

My stressors aren't gone, but the crash seems to have passed for now, and I have a couple ideas for solutions to the things stessing me out.  As has always been my stress moto, things will get better soon, just have to ride out the rough time until it passes.
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What a crappy week.

Not because anything bad happened, or I got bad news.  In fact, I went to go see two improve comedy shows and had a really good dinner at my favourite restaurant here.

I'm just down in the dumps.  Came to a head today, and I'm really missing my support network.  It's like, everything that's been on my mind and upsetting me - the fact that no one wants to hire me and my degrees are useless, that my boyfriend and I have absolutely no communication skills, that I'm so far away from my family, that my debts are building up, that I miss my Dad - have decided to crash down on me, and I can't keep it in anymore.

Ergh, what a crap day after a crap week.  :(
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Headed out soon for a knitting meet-up with a couple knitters.  Can't wait to sit and snack and stitch with like-minded peoples!  It's the thing I really like about knitting over sewing, that it can be a more social activity.  Guess I should work out what project I'm going to bring with me.  I'm nearly done a pair of fingerless gloves, but I also need to pull back a toque I got two inches into before realizing I'd completely buggered the pattern.  Maybe I'll bring both.  :)

Got to go get ready though. Have a nice Friday all!

(I need a knitting icon.  And an I'm-being-social icon.)
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I finished reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer yesterday morning while curled up on D's couch.  There's nothing quite like curling up with a cup of coffee and reading in the morning while you're boyfriend makes you breakfast! 

Anyways, it was a really good book, a non-fiction account of Chris McCandless trek around the western States and final trip into the wilds of Alaska, living almost entirely off the land.  You know how the story ends, but Krakauer weaves the tale beautifully, alternating between McCandless's point of view, the point of view of his family and the people he encountered on his travels, the publics reaction to his fate, and comparisons with others who have ventured out into the wild on dangerous pursuits.  It's a sad tale, but a good one; you really get the feeling that McCandless was happy with the path he'd chosen, even if (or maybe because) it conflicted with the path his parents wanted him on.

I'm not good at book reviews, but I'd definitely recommend this one.  I've already passed it on to my roommate to read on her trip, and will likely send it along to others.  I think my Grandma would really enjoy it!

And now I can finally watch the movie with D.  :)

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Just dropped my roommate, B, off at the airport, and I just heard the plane take off and circle back south.  Ah the joys of living in a small city with an airport on a plateau above town.  Like the Edinburgh castle, but louder.

(Check out the cool geologic evolution of the plateau that the Edinburgh castle sits on. Hint: It's part of a volcano. Cool, eh?)

It's going to be super quiet around here with B gone.  She's off to visit her Dad down east for a month, so it'll just be me and the Quiet Roommate.  Although I'm planning on setting up my sewing machine on B's desk, so it'll be nice to have a pseudo-dedicated sewing space for a while.  :D

BTW, it's 8:10 am and it's still pitch black outside (although a bit of deep blue on the horizon), and -16 C (3 F) this morning.  I'm pleased to announce that my car actually started this morning!  \o/

Also, it might be time to turn on the baseboard heater in my bedroom...

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On Day 2 of a persistant headache.  I'd be concerned, but my back and neck has been stiff since soccer on Wednesday night, and I suspect it's related to that.  Should've picked up some muscle relaxents, but ah well.  I'm going to go pop another advil and have a cup of tea, and hopefully that will help.  :)
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Went to my first soccer game last night!  Well, drop-in soccer; the games don't start until Sunday.  I had a blast at it, but was huffin' and puffin' embarrassingly quickly.  Oh well.  The point to joining up with this non-competative league was to get some fun exercise and meet people, and I think that's exactly what I'm going to get!

The sports centre is really nice.  It has everything, and the monthly fees aren't too bad considering how modern the facilities are.  I'm going to look into getting a pass there.  Between soccer and going to see D's hockey games (he's a goalie), I don't think I'll have much trouble motivating myself to go.  Which is always my problem.  :)
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Beer + hot tub + beer + a beautiful clear sky full of stars + beer = good times.

Except when you fall out of the tub and land on your ankle.  Then it's less so.
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So I kind of got stood up for my meeting with the guy from Faro. He was supposed to email me last week to let me know when we could meet up when he flew into town yesterday, but didn't.  I'm not going to stress out since I understand that things come up, but it has left a bad taste in my mouth.

And then I got an email late yesterday from the place I applied to on Friday, asking me to expand on my resume by answering a bunch of questions.  :D  Although there's things like "why are you looking for employment right now?" and I need to find a more creative answer than "I need money to pay for my astronomical student debt".  Or possibly not.  

I'm not counting the Faro job out right now, because I'd love to work on that project, but I need to be realistic.  That job would require a 4 hour commute and life in two separate towns, never mind scary roads, gas cost, and wear and tear on my car.  The other job is in town, and is entry level so providing me with the excellent experience that I need.

Oh, and a position opened up at one of the fly-in mines in the territory, and I think I'll send them off a resume, just in case.

We'll see what happens.  I'm just amazed by what's happening, since I had just about given up finding anythign relevant until the spring.  :D
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I came across a job posting late last night that I am fully qualified for!  Set a goal to get an application sent off by 2 pm today, and lo! managed to accomplish it with a half-hour to spare!  It's a position in town here, and the standard 40 hour week type job. 

The funniest part is I've been searching all summer for jobs that I'm qualified for, and everything has required way more experience than I currently have (as in 5+ years relevant experience).  When I finally give myself permission to give up and get any sort of job until the industry starts hiring again in the spring, I stumble across two that could work.  Not that I'm holding my breath or anything, but it's still pretty funny.  :)  We'll see what comes of it.

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Got a call-back about the Faro job.

Excuse me while I go shreek with joy.  :D :D :D  \o/  :D

Is this the first call-back I've had?  Oh yes sir it is!  And it's a position I desperately want too.  Because it's not just lab work, it's for an environmental coordinator position.  AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

And of course I was my usual awkward self on the phone.  The fact that my crappy crappy phone kept cutting out so I couldn't hear him very well didn't help.  Hopefully I'll get over the awkwardness by next week, when I'm meeting up with the guy for an interview.  *fingers crossed*

OMG YAY!!  Now I just need to impress this guy and make him realize how awesome I'd be in this position.  :D

Also, I have no icon that expresses my complete and utter joy sufficiently.  :P
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Ugh, not well. My roommate has been sick all day with really gross stuff, and now I'm up at 2 am (and all the time between 10 pm and now) with really gross stuff.  Ugh, bad stomach, stop doing this.

The good news (I hope), is that I might have the bead on a job. When I went to Faro last week (awesome trip btw. Gorgeous country), I first went on a tour of the big giant reclamation site there (seriously, largest mining mess in the country) and then met someone who works there, and she's helping me try to get a job.  Apparently the lab there is hiring chemists, and the woman is giving my resume to the person who counts there.  She even fb friended me and then told me her supervisor was interested in my resume.  So fingers crossed. *crosses fingers* 

I'm trying not to get my hopes up though, and there'd be some serious logistics to work out.  I mean, the place is 4 hours away!  But hopefully something good will come out of it.  The site is fascinating, and I'm eager to get involved with the project.

But seriously, I really need to get to sleep.  Because the boss-man will be receiving my resume tomorrow, and I want to stick to my phone all day and not be close to death by grossness.

Btw, your welcome for the vague but imagination-inducing description of how I'm feeling. :D


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